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SHOUTcast - NAK errors.

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  • SHOUTcast - NAK errors.

    A lot of people are posting this question without bothering to do ANY research. So here is as full an answer as I can give. This question has been asked and discussed MANY times in this forum. PLEASE remember to check the Tech Support Greatest Hits, the Forum FAQ, the SHOUTcast documentation particularly the Troubleshooting section and Search the forum before posting a dull duplicate question, it's only polite.

    Ok what is a NAK error (All quoted pieces below are from the shoutcast troubleshooting page linked above):

    S3. My server gets this error: "[yp_add] gave error (nak)"
    --What's wrong with my server?

    Answer: The SHOUTcast directory has refused to publish your directory entry for one of a number of reasons.Your Server should have an extended error message as well which might correspond with one of the following:
    Ok essentially yp has seen your request to list. But won't list you for a reason.

    The following is important:

    * NOTE: If the extended-error message is accompanied by an IP address, check to make sure it's the same IP address and port you're running the SHOUTcast server from. If it's different, then something is changing your IP address before it gets to us. This is usually because of internet sharing devices or software. DSL routers and cable modems typically are the culprit, as are corporate firewalls, NAT devices, or web caches.

    We are working on a solution for the web caches, but if any of the other devices are changing your IP, you will *have* to follow the instructions under Connection refused: below to solve your problem. Listeners on the internet will not be able to listen to your server until you fix the problem.
    If your IP address is listed, make sure it matches. You should have configured your plugin to broadcast to a port number. If that is localhost, or then try changing it to cast to your machines external port number (i.e. the one the internet can see, if you don't understand this stuff, then you aren't going to be able to solve your problem).

    If changes to your ini (configuration) file are not being reflected in your server, then go back to the first step of setting up your server after reading my primer on the subject

    If the IP address is different to the one you find your server having externally then you have a problem. There is another layer of misdirection. If you are trying to set up a small cast from home for a mate or something, then give in it's ISP type stuff, configuring routers etc. Unless you are trying to set up a real station (24/7, many users, and have full control over your net connections etc for the server then it's not worth the hassle.)

    The following is going to be your main problem I beleive:

    * Connection refused:
    This typically means your server is not visible from the Internet. The usual cause is that you're located behind a firewall or NAT device (this includes internet sharing programs like Sygate, Wingate, etc.). These devices block incoming connections to your network. You need to configure these devices to map port 8000 on the device to port 8000 on the computer running the SHOUTcast server. If you have changed the SHOUTcast DNAS configuration to have different values for the ports, you should map that port instead. The important detail is that the SAME PORT YOU BROADCAST ON MUST BE THE PORT MAPPED FROM THE OUTSIDE. That is, you can't map port 99 to port 8000 and expect it to work. It won't.
    This could be caused by a lot of things as listed, your ISP (particularly if you are on a dial up!) could be doing all sorts of things. If you are paying for a service to run a station phone them and work this out. If you are not, there probably isn't a lot you can do.

    If you are running anything locally, try turning it off and running without it to see if that does anything. Check your configuration files.

    The following point is closely related.

    * Connection timed out:
    This means the SHOUTcast directory attempted to contact your server, but never reached it. This is usually due to
    ISPs or corporate networks blocking incoming traffic.

    Occasionally this is because the Internet is tweaked and the directory can't find a route to your server. Reasons for this can be as various as ISPs around the world disagreeing on route tables, overburdened connections between your ISP and the backbone, or just general net flakiness. If it doesn't clear up after a day or so, ask your network provider if they block incoming traffic.
    This is different:

    * 404:
    This typically means you're running software that isn't a SHOUTcast DNAS server. The only supported software for listings in the SHOUTcast directory is the SHOUTcast DNAS. Occasionally this will show up on servers with very very slow Internet connections as well. It should clear itself up with time.
    Either you aren't running an uptodate version of SHOUTcast DNAS server and plugin, or you are on a slow connection. Or something similar. Check that you are (tip: live365 isn't shoutcast!). very very slow may include a 56k modem that is casting a station with listeners. If listeners are eating your bandwidth the free bandwidth to talk to the server becomes nil, and you can't list. Or if you are downloading web pages or other surfing activities.

    If any of the following occur, and you don't think you match the below criteria, mail [email protected] and he'll possibly help if he agrees with you.

    * 5 (yer banned booger):
    Your network has been linked to exploits of the SHOUTcast directory in the past and is restricted from adding entries to the SHOUTcast directory.

    * 2:
    Your server is promoting specific technology. The SHOUTcast
    directory is a place to promote stations, not technologies.

    * 3:
    Your server sent incomplete or inappropriate data. Check your station information for invalid characters (numbers, letters and spaces are the only accepted values for most entries) and reconnect the Source plug-in to try again.

    * 6:
    Something's screwed up on our end. Email [email protected].
    HOPEFULLY you now understand what could be causing the problems. And have a line of investigation. If you don't understand any of the above, or any of the above is beyond your control. I suggest that you are not in a position to host a station, your connection isn't "good" enough (band width or features), or perhaps you don't have sufficient relevant skills or knowledge to run the station.

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