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How to Unassociate RP8 from Streaming Playlists & Make Winamp the Default Instead

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  • How to Unassociate RP8 from Streaming Playlists & Make Winamp the Default Instead

    Problems with Real Player and Streaming Playlist File Associations:

    May 2001

    If you are having problems making Winamp your default player for streaming
    MP3 Playlists (m3u, pls) then follow these instructions clearly if you want
    to rid yourself of the evil curse of Real Player & the .XPL format for good.

    The information in this article relates to Winamp versions 2.75 and earlier.
    This problem has been fixed as from Winamp v2.76

    1) Disable relevant Real Player settings:
    Real Player -> View/Tools -> Preferences
    i) General tab -> Start Center -> Settings -> uncheck "enable" -> Okay.
    ii) Upgrade tab -> Media Types:
    In both "Auto Restore Settings" & "Re-associate" buttons:
    Remove checkmarks next to:
    MP3 Audio & MP3 Playlists (plus any others of your choice!)
    iii) Upgrade tab: Uncheck: "Always play RealMedia types with RP"
    iv) Performance tab -> Playback from web links -> settings:
    Uncheck: "Enable Instant Playback"
    Okay everything, close Prefs, exit RealPlayer.

    2) Temporarily associate with Windows Media Player (to fix registry backup settings)
    - Note: Settings depend on WMP version -
    WMP -> View/Tools menu -> Options -> Formats/File Types tab:
    Checkmark: MP3 Format Sound - mp3, m3u (plus any others of your choice)
    Close Prefs & exit WMP.

    3) Reassociate with Winamp
    Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> File Types
    Select: MP3, PLS, M3U (plus any other formats of your choice)
    * Checkmark: Register Files on Winamp Start
    Optional setting:
    * Agent tab : Checkmark "maintain file associations"
    (to prevent other players from stealing them)
    Close Prefs -> Exit Winamp -> Re-open Winamp.

    * nb. You can always uncheck these options at a later date once the problem is fully fixed.

    Under normal circumstances, all your problems should now be solved.

    4) If you are still experiencing problems with getting Winamp to stream
    M3U or Shoutcast PLS Playlists:

    Goto: Start -> Settings -> Folder Options -> File Types:

    Win9x instructions:

    Scroll down for "Winamp Playlist File"
    The details underneath should state:
    Extensions: PLS M3U
    Content Type: audio/scpls (or: audio/mpegurl - either will do!)
    Opens with: Winamp

    If anything is different to the above, hi-lite "Winamp Playlist File" -> Edit

    * "Content Type" should be one of audio/scpls -or- audio/mpegurl
    * Default Extension: For audio/scpls = pls | For audio/mpegurl = m3u
    * (nb. you can manually type in this info if not available from drop-down menu)

    Actions: Play in Winamp -> Edit
    Command Line = "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" "%1"
    Okay -> hi-lite "Play in Winamp" -> Click "Set Default" button

    If you have Winamp set up to "Enqueue as default action" (Winamp Prefs -> FileTypes)
    Hi-lite "Enqueue in Winamp" -> Edit
    Command Line = "C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe" /ADD "%1"
    Okay -> hi-lite "Enqueue in Winamp" -> Click "Set Default" button

    Now scroll up to see if RealPlayer has still left it's ugly mark.
    If there's an entry for MP3 Playlists (PLS M3U XPL)
    Hi-lite this entry and click Remove
    Trust me! This action alone has been known to fix the entire problem!

    nb. Only RP8 supports the secure .xpl playlist format, not Winamp.

    Close Folder Options & try streaming in Winamp again.

    WinME/2k/XP instructions:

    Each extension is listed separately here, so simply scroll down to the relevant extension, eg. MP3 / M3U / PLS and make the necessary changes as outlined above (c/o Advanced button -> (Default Action) -> Edit)
    Note: You can no longer edit Content Type (MIME) under these OS'es here.
    This can only be done via the Registry

    WinME: Start -> Run -> regedit
    Win2k/XP: Start -> Run -> regedt32

    Content Type = audio/scpls

    Content Type = audio/mpegurl

    Some changes may also be needed in:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\audio/scpls
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\audio/x-scpls

    Extension = .pls

    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\audio/mpegurl
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\audio/x-mpegurl

    Extension = .m3u

    [More Registry information below in step 5]

    Please note: I am working on some auto reg fixes for Win2k/XP

    Important: The auto .reg fixes below are currently for Win9x/ME only !!
    Use with 2k/XP at your own risk.

    I strongly advise that everyone opens the .reg files in Notepad first before running them. Check that the paths to Winamp / WMP / Windows / etc are all correct.

    Note: I am also working on regfixes for Winamp3 under all OS'es.
    Currently, the reg fixes below are for Winamp 2x only.
    If you are experienced enough, you can manually edit the .reg files to apply to Winamp3 instead of Winamp 2x.

    Contact me if you need further help/instructions.

    5) If you are still experiencing problems,
    then RealPlayer has done deeper damage to the Registry.

    The only other option you have left is to manually edit the Registry. If you are not experienced with this task, then please get someone qualified to do it for you.
    Hopefully, a few simple minor adjustments should fix everything.

    Start -> Run -> Regedit -> Okay

    In the left pane, expand & scroll down for:
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\

    You should manually edit each individual entry as follows:
    Hi-lite each seperate "Extension" string in the right pane -> Edit -> Modify
    Be sure to include the full stop before the extension, eg: .mp3

    audio/scpls : Extension = .pls
    audio/pls : Extension = .pls
    audio/x-scpls : Extension = .pls
    audio/mpegurl : Extension = .m3u
    audio/x-mpegurl : Extension = .m3u
    audio/mpeg : Extension = .mp3
    audio/mpg : Extension = .mp3
    audio/x-mpeg : Extension = .mp3
    audio/x-mpg : Extension = .mp3
    audio/x-mp3 : Extension = .mp3
    audio/m3u : Extension = .mp3
    audio/mp3 : Extension = .mp3

    Please note that none of the entries should be associated with Real formats:
    .xpl or .mpga

    Once these entries have all been edited accordingly, close Regedit & try to stream playlists in Winamp again.

    If you do not feel confident enough to manually edit the Registry, then I have compiled an auto regfix file which you can download in the form of a zip. Be sure to read the enclosed Readme.txt before running the REG file.
    This REG file is compatible with Windows 9x (95/98/98SE) and WinME.
    I have no way in telling if it's compatible with WinNT or Win2000 as I have no access to any PC with these OS's. The only way to find out would be to run Regedit & see if the above (unedited) keys already exist.
    If they do, then I can guarantee that this auto RegFix will work under Win2k/NT too.

    Disclaimer: Use at your own risk!

    Download the auto MIME RegFix here

    6) If you have followed all the above instructions and are still having problems,
    I have devised a REG file which should automatically fix the entire problem.
    Be sure that you meet the sys req specifications below.
    Also make sure you read the enclosed text file (Readme.txt) for full instructions before running the REG file.


    System Requirements:
    The following Auto RegFix is for Win9x users only (Windows 95/98/98SE)
    Though not tested as yet, it should also work for WinME users (awaiting confirmation)

    It should only be used if your windows dir is C:\WINDOWS
    It should only be used if you have Windows Media Player 2 installed (v6.4)
    @ C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\MPLAYER2.EXE
    It should only be used if Winamp is installed to the default dir
    @ C:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe
    It should only be used after you have tried all the above suggestions first (Steps 1-5)
    (nb. Step 5 above is also included in this auto regfix)

    If you do not meet this criteria, do not run this reg file.
    Report back to me for further instructions instead (please include full details)
    I suggest this thread to be the appropriate place for all reports & consultations:
    Mugged by RealPlayer

    If you do meet the above criteria, please feel free to download the following zip file:

    Download the Auto RegFix for Win9x by DJ Egg

    Please be sure to read the enclosed instructions first (README.TXT) before running the REG file (RegFix.reg)

    DJ Egg cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by running this reg file if you have not followed the instructions as defined in the enclosed README.TXT, nor will he accept any responsibility if you run this RegFile without meeting the system requirement specifications as outlined above.
    This regfix has been tested and proven to work under Win9x (95/98/98SE), but will NOT work under WinNT/2000.
    WinME users should run the regfix at their own risk. If it works under WinME then please inform me ASAP so that I can update both the Sys Req info (see above) and this disclaimer accordingly.
    Confirmed: also works perfectly with WinME

    Thankyou & Good luck,
    DJ Egg.

    Conclusions/Lessons Learned:
    In future, when installing any software, always pay full attention to the setup instructions.
    In RP8's case, this whole fiasco could've been avoided by unchecking "Make RealPlayer the default player for supported media types" during setup. Doh!

    Further resources:
    Mugged by RealPlayer
    Help! - RealPlayer is still screwing me
    RealPlayer has converted PLS and M3U Playlists to .XPL format - forum search guaranteed file association fix | mp3fix further info
    A useful small freeware tool for disabling programs that run at system bootup,
    eg. RealPlayer StartCenter / RealNetworks TKBellExe (Spyware) Agent.

    RealOne Player users should uninstall that evil p.o.s. and get an older version from (eg. G2 or v7, or v8 at the very worst)

    The more adventurous might want to take it one step further:

    RealPlayer files & reg entries required to play Real Formats in Winamp w/o RP
    What is Winamp? Why is Winamp? How is Winamp? All these burning questions and issues discussed within.

    RealAlternative is recommended (instead of RealPlayer) for Real Media support.


    Footnote: apparently this problem has resurfaced in Winamp3 v1.0
    Watch this space for updates . . .

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