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  • Website??

    Well howabout it? Forums are designed for question asking/answering which makes for less intuitive (be careful how you interperate that) access to knowledge. A stable - permanent knowledge base could be quite useful to new and even experienced learners. A place to download packs, view tuturials - primers - tips - apes - anything avs.
    I can source webspace and help with the coding (time permitting).

    New users will go to a website before going to a forum which would keep this area a little less uncluttered with repeat questions.

    Theres a strong community here and theres alot of people out there who want to be a part of it all. Im not going to bother without active participation from you all - in fact I might not even have time to do it. Who's up?

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    I have been pondering about the same thing... So far i would be willing, but im not technically able to pull it off.

    I only know basic html & a very little css...

    Tho if the website is not suppose to be dynamic i could try to make it, but it would require manual uptading in the future (meaning that i do pages with a text editor-like programm without any automagic functions)
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      maybe some kind of a Wiki? the other possibility would be a CMS, which of course would require more administration. anyway, i can run some kind of wiki on the VISBOT server.

      also check:
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        I have also been thinking about it for a while.. i think was on its way to becoming avs central.. but we need a more 'stable' webmaster.

        I'll ask around, i have some html-geek friends that are slghtly into avs, they might be interested.


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          good idea, then we could stickie the link and route the newbies to a knowledge base.

          I have enough experience (mostly Dreamweaer) with my own HP to get it on, shouldnt be a prob if it is only html - based. If you want to do that using something like a read-only php forum, it would be quite difficult, but better to handle for those who want to add stuff without upload everything.

          Another idea would be a newsgroup with some daily tips

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            Its a good idea, too bad i cant help (unless U need some blinking flash up there).I hope it gets realised.
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            *bangs his head on the keyboard in hope of getting an idea*


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              Go Go Go. It will be a valuable resource.
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                Me and my mate have been building a website for about 6 months now. It's a music site and all we have to do ebeforewe release is get together advertising and bulk up content for a bit. It has a whole assload of music related things on it and if i can convince him i could add an avs section for the site. Don't worry about the quality of the actual site it completely rules, so to speak and it would be a good boost if it were part of a site that relates to a few different things, more people would learn avs and the like. I'll see if i can persuade him but i'm not promising anything.


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                  You're saying I'm an unstable person? :P

                  I could put up a Wiki on if you want it. That way I don't need to intervene.

                  The CMS that ran on acko (Drupal) has a collaborative book feature that allows people to compose a book, modify existing pages, approve new stuff, etc. Basically a more structured version of a Wiki.


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                    Yes but my way people who go to a site for other things may end up learning about avs.


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                      This could be a good thing to have. I think someone should make it - I would, but my programming knowledge isn't that great.

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                        True but I have more trust in proven, tested and stable pieces of (open-source) software rather than a homebrewn solution hacked together in your spare time.


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                          OK sounds goooood. I guess all we need is content - who's up?

                          There will need to be tutorials on:
                          - The Basic GUI & Getting Started
                          - Simple Dynamic Movement
                          - Advanced Dynamic Movement
                          - Simple Superscopes
                          - 3d Superscopes
                          - Movement
                          - Writting apes
                          - Anything else??

                          The best way to tackle these would be to take the reader step by step through one or two projects. A simple project to explain the basic concepts. Then another to explain a little more in depth.
                          It won't be a recipe book - so you'll need to explain how/why/what/where in an easy to understand manner. Mathematic explanations could be tricky. I can help out with your writting skills - we don't want twenty page essays.

                          And most importantly - we need a good domain name. Any suggestions?


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                            Most of that is suppose to be in Atero's updated primer...


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                              Yeah, but this site would be a place to bring it all together. Right now, everything is randomly scattered through these forums - we really need a place to combine everything, which is what the tips and tricks threads have been trying to do, but the problem with them is the complete lack of organization.

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