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Newcomers to AVS. Welcome...

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  • Newcomers to AVS. Welcome...

    Hello, new and enthusiastic member! You have discovered AVS, that is wonderful! AVS can offer hours of fun and amazement; it is a fun tool to play with and it is a great thing to watch while you play your favourite music.

    However, it seems you have asked a AVS related question that has been asked and answered several times before. Here in the AVS forums we respect and value such skills as:

    - Searching
    Simply put: Search before you post. You might have already seen the red bold letters and the search link above the posting window, or you might have missed them for some reason. By searching for the answer you're looking for, you will get the answer you want immediately, instead of posting a question that has been posted before and waiting for a reply which usually takes several hours, sometimes even days to get, and it might not even be a reply you will appreciate.

    - Reading the FAQ
    If you didn't know, FAQ stands for: Frequently Asked Questions. It simply is a list of questions and answers to questions that over the long period of time have been asked multiple times. Since answering these questions each time they are asked can become boring, as well as time wasting, we prefer usually not to answer them directly. Rather, we will point you to the FAQ, where a pre-written and descriptive answer can be read. The FAQ explains the situation and solution much better than a quick reply by someone else.

    - Checking out the tutorials
    Striving to be an AVS artist? Great! We like new people around here. Have a question about how to make something in AVS? Before you post your question, it is recommended and expected by other AVS artists that you read the AVS tutorials enlisted here, before you post your question. The tutorials are a wonderful source created by long time AVS artists to learn the basics and sometimes even the more complex features of AVS. Realize that since this is a hobby for most of us, no one is going to hold your hand and teach you AVS from the ground up. Believe it or not, but all of us have learned AVS by ourselves. Some AVS artists didn't even have these tutorials at their disposal and they had to learn everything from scratch by experimenting! You are indeed lucky to have such great resources available to you. Use them well and wisely, but most importantly read them before you ask.

    Remember these guidelines and you should have no problems in your AVS future. Good luck, have fun, and welcome to the AVS forums!

    - Winamp AVS Team
    "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

    Visuals - Morphyre