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Change the default screen for full screen visualizations?

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  • Change the default screen for full screen visualizations?

    Greetings all!

    I have 2 video cards in my PC, and have the second card running to a Plasma (via DVI / VGA). While I can drag the Winamp interface to this window, going full screen causes the primary monitor to display the full screen visualization, NOT the screen the winamp window was dragged too. I cannot find any settings for this.

    Is there anyway to change this?

    Also, this is for a house party, and I'd love some suggestions for good party visualizations, as winamp has *so* many of them.

    Thanks all!

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    I should add, I did google and found this:

    My favorite thing to do to show off my multiple monitors is with Winamp. Make sure you have the AVS visualization installed with winamp. This also requires that your video card able to display overlays.

    -Move winamp and the visualization window to the secondary monitor.
    -Go into the AVS settings by right-clicking and chosing AVS Editor.
    -the AVS Editor box will popup, go to Settings > Display.
    -On the right side, there are two options:
    Overlay Mode
    Set Color To desktop

    Check the Overlay Mode box.

    This doesn't seem to work.

    My computer is a Dual 3.04ghz with my main video card being an NVidia Quadro4 980 (AGP), and the second video card (the one that is currently pushing the plasma) is a Radeon 7000 (PCI).



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      not possible, period, sorry.
      There's a workaround though:
      On your monitor:
      1 - detach AVS from the player
      2 - make it a bit larger than 512x384 / 640x480 /whatever resolution you're using
      3 - Set your tv to that resolution (in windows)
      4 - drag the window over to the tv, so that the edges of the AVS-window are no longer visible on the tv.

      /edit: hi, micro.D
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        Just simply set a lower resolution (like 800*600 or 640*480) for the secondary monitor or whatever than your primary one, resize the avs window just a bit bigger, then move it on your secondary monitor to fill in the whole screen. And i recommend leaving some part of the window (just a line in the right) on the primary monitor to access the right click AVS menu.
        (and of course hide your taskbar)

        (yeah sorry for the slow reacting :P ) / gallery / #avs


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          Sorry to bump an old thread,
          But is this still not possible? and does anyone know why?

          Running my primary display at 1366 x 768 (laptop) and my TV with winamp at 1920 x 1080
          Would love it if I could have full screen visualisations on it without making it the primary display.


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            AVS is pretty much abandoned, sadly.
            So if what WOTL & Micro.D previously suggested isn't a suitable work around then it's a case of "Sorry, nothing has changed" or "Here's the source code, good luck!".


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              why not simply make the plasma your primary screen?
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                Another solution is to move your taskbar and icons to the secondary monitor and work from there. Make your TV is your primary screen like Yathosho suggests. Then use the normal fullscreen mode.
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                  I tried changing my 1080p lcd to primary monitor in control panel, but fullscreen still reverts to my crappy 768p laptop monitor. Same with desktop mode. which is especially frustrating.....

                  The only workaround is to duplicate the displays in windows display settings. but then you get lower resolution, and no workspace for the playlist and controls etc (or anything else) so whats the point?

                  What I really want is Milkdrop on all 3 desktops. and reacting to all sound (including my mic). Right from start-up, But at least give me a choice of which monitor goes full-screen!! VLC and Mediamonky Both do this (and most other things) better than Winamp, which after over ten years still runs like a bad beta. How about fixing all the bugs before adding any more features nobody wants?

                  Just in case hardware is relevant, I'm running an intel i3 330m cpu and a nVidia geforce gt 320m cuda graphics card, with hdmi feeding one monitor and crappy old vga on the other. with Win 7 ultimate

                  Although soon I will have a new tower, with at least 3 40 inch lcd's (I really want 5!), hence wanting a visualizer desktop on all monitors.....


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                    Stop using winamp

                    I tried Setting my second monitor as main. still doesn't work. fullscreen and desktop revert to lower resolution laptop.

                    The only workaround is to duplicate the displays with windows setting. But then you revert to the lower resolution and lose the extra workspace. So pretty pointless.

                    VLC and Mediamonkey can both go fullscreen on any of my three monitors. As an added bonus Mediamonkey runs all winamp plugins. mostly better than winamp. which runs like a bad alpha/beta for me, with constant crashing and resource hogging, so I cant do other stuff and lose work in other programs. How about the developers fix all the bugs before adding new crap like browsers nobody wants or uses.....

                    Winamp was the best music player around in the 90's. WTF happened? now it can't even scan my small music drive (1.5TB) without crashing windows.
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                      Or a better workaround is to uncheck "integrate with winamp skin" i Milkdrop settings. then it will get it's own window, which can be dragged big or maximised anywhere you like.


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                        Eeh you're in the AVS forums. Milkdrop is the forum below this one.
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                          I don't have a problem with milkdrop, I love it. It's excellent!

                          My problem is with Winamp not displaying fullscreen mode on the correct screen, and with "desktop mode" really only being "a third of a desktop mode"

                          I posted here, rather than start a new thread about exactly the same thing. As per forum ToS.

                          While I was here I saw your workaround and tested it. obviously you never did before you posted, because it doesn't work. So I reported that, to save someone else wasting time taking bad advice.

                          I also found several workarounds that do work. So I posted them too. since nobody has been able to help the person that started this thread. Unfortunately for winamp lovers the best solution is to stop using winamp. As Mediamonky will do fulscreen visualizations while managing your music better than winamp. VLC will handle all your video needs with no dramas. Both will go fulscreen wherever you like (at least on my system)....

                          It seems your only reason for being here is to make yourself feel superior to others. Which is not very christian of you. This forum is for helping others, not belittling them.

                          It's ok though. I forgive you.


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                            do mediamonkey or vlc have features to shut you up already?
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                              I'm happy for you that you found a solution for your issue.

                              MD and AVS are completely separate plugins though, that's why I think a thread in the MD forums would have been better because your issue is with MD rather than AVS or winamp in general. Also, someone with the same problem is more likely to look for a solution there.

                              The workaround provided above works for me, for Micro.D and lots of others. I started my post with the fact that there is no simple solution.

                              I don't know anything about MD but apparently you found a way to make it better. That's why I suggested telling the people who also use Milkdrop.

                              You are free to use whatever media player you wish. I use winamp for music and VLC for video myself. Different tools for different jobs.
                              Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever