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Are people still using AVS, Milkdrop etc.?

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    Well how about:

    - HTML5 videos on youtube
    - Canvas / WebGL
    - Audio Data API

    Without doing any tinkering, it sounds plausible. And it could be GreaseMonkey script, probably.


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      without writing a shitload of code: You could link the lineout to your linein with a male-male mini-jack cable and add linein to your winamp playlist.
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        Oh wow, hi. I don't know how or why I wandered back here but it's been years. It seems that some of the die hards are still around... heh As for me, life has changed tenfold. AVS was such an odd experience for me in that it doesn't really seem to relate to anything else I've done in my life. But I feel it was a learning experience nonetheless, and a great experience at that.

        Anyways, I thought I'd pop in for nostalgia's sake, see what's up.
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          still kicking.....

          as of Jan 2017 still kicking. I recently downloaded winamp + a whole slew of vis @

          WinampAVS, G-Force and Milkdrop are the best and have yet to be beaten anywhere surprised I haven't been able to find really good vis apps for my iphone/android...

          As for why WimAmp vis are needed? January 2017, California, you figure it out......


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            I have been using Winamp/Milkdrop for as long as I can remember, and I've only *really* started exploring milkdrop's potential quite recently. Unfortunately actual "adult life"(TM) has been getting in the way. I've got plenty of ideas to explore, unfortunately, I can't code to save my life..


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              I would surely play with some new vis stuff if it showed up
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                I found some unreleased AVS presets from half-a-lifetime ago...