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Metaballs/Tentacles 3D APE crashes winamp if opened

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  • Metaballs/Tentacles 3D APE crashes winamp if opened

    Everything is fine, started avs, went to a preset with Metaballs and attempted to sdelect it, but crashed winamp for no reason.

    does somenone know what is the problem with the APE?
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    AVS has been buggy for years, and even then has never been completely stable. I don't know which AVS version you're using, if 2.81d, try 2.82 and vice versa. Both AVS versions have their pros and cons. Keep in mind that AVS hasn't really been maintained in... well basically since I remember. AVS stayed the same but computers keep progressing.

    On the other hand, both metaballs and tentacles are rarely used. If it crashes your AVS, you could also try avoiding them.
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      I have Whacko AVS 4 pack in a compter, which contains Yummy Plastics and Rubber starfish.
      i cant resist in attempting to opening it and crashing.

      and how do i see the version of AVS? i dont know which one is.

      im currently making a Player-like preset¹ which would use the metaballs.
      since it crashes in certain computers, i wish there was a better version of the Simple Render APE, to be able to change positions precisely, change width, height, line width, lines and etc... im not really good at making superscopes, so i keep ripping objects from other presets.

      the player preset uses lines taken from Final Whack's Intro.
      its simple but cant write it myself; the only problem which haunts me is memory.
      it looks quite hard to remember scripts

      and there is too much text here. i cant even know if im spamming now...

      - Paradoxical Fox (Retrik)
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        You're not spamming, write all you want. That is, unless you have free iPhones for 'sale'.

        For the version, right-click the visualizer in the main window and hit 'select plug-in' (or CTRL+K).

        There are tutorials for superscopes. To create a simple left-to-right simple scope, clear all boxes and enter this:
        in init
        in point

        and change 'draw as' from dots to lines

        quick explanation:
        Every superscope is a line that's made of 'n' points. increase n and the line becomes more detailed, but remember that a too high number will slow the preset down. (in this case I used n=w because 'w' is the screen width)
        'i' is the point on the line used in 'point'. It ranges from 0 to 1 in steps of 1/n.
        x and y are obvious, ranging from -1 to 1, where y=1 is the bottom rather than the top.

        unconed's presets are awesome but might not be the best starting point to learn how to code as they are among the most advanced presets around.
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          the current version is 2.82
          im making a player-like preset with bars made with lines and render modes, i ripped the line superscope from whacko AVS I's intro.

          you can check it out here.
          not done yet
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            i followed your tutorial, but i dont know how do i change its vertical width now.
            also, is there a way to change the superscope's height?

            you can check out my preset.
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              in AVS OS's last superscope in getosc() you used 2 as the second varable, but it ranges from 0 to 1.

              From the expression help:
              getosc(band,width,channel) = returns waveform data centered at 'band', (0..1), sampled 'width' (0..1) wide. 'channel' can be: 0=center, 1=left, 2=right. return value is (-1..1)

              Also keep in mind that not everybody uses the same resolution so using ih like you do will break the preset for others.

              check out this old preset of me for some tricks, see if you can find out what does what. Forget about capturing the mouse and keyboard for now.
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                i seen.
                very good.
                but i still have a question:
                how do i change the SSC's vertical width?
                i dont want it to pass the window
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                  Your question is wrong, as linesize affects both x and y.

                  I posted these for you to look into so you can learn it yourself. There are also the tutorials.
                  Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever


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                    nevermind what i said in last post.
                    i got a vertically resizeable oscilloscope from Whacko AVS III's intro.

                    AVS OS updated

                    NOTE : im developing a pack
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