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One last reunion of all the old and new AVS'ers around the world

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  • One last reunion of all the old and new AVS'ers around the world

    apparently, the history of AVS has been pretty turbulent in all these years, and avs itself was always unstable, resulting in annoying crashes and troublesome bugs.. i just downgraded my winamp to an older version and convolution filter was working again; oh, the wonders the convo-filters can do..

    tuggummi, UnConeD, PAK-9, Jheriko.. they all have made amazing presets over time, also mentioning Micro-D, Synth-C and Grandchild, who have been using eeltrans and global variables for their presets.. they must have been lazy to make their presets with normal coding.. now that they went through the easy way, i won't ever see their "forbidden beauty" presets, because eeltrans crashes every single time i tried to see them... it's like the TIDE-pods, but in avs.

    i just wish there was a way to translate the avstrans code back to native avs code, because in one of synth-c's presets, all i could see was #define this, #define that and only that..

    but this is probably not going to happen, because pretty much everyone abandoned this cup of tea. i don't even know how to use the buffer save correctly..

    people can barely even read my posts.
    O O F

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    oh, by the way, the only way to fix the avstrans crashes is to downgrade your avs dll to 2.81b
    trust me, neither i knew that; but thanks to mr. nudge, i found just the right solution.
    O O F