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Forked AVS and ported to D3D 11

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  • Forked AVS and ported to D3D 11

    Some features (XOR blending mode for lines) require D3D 11.1 GPU.
    Requires Windows 8.0 or newer, I’ve only tested on 10 and 8.1. On Win7 the DLL won’t even load and therefore won’t appear in the Winamp’s “Select visualization plugin” dialog (BTW, press Ctrl+K for that dialog). Only tested with Winamp 5.8.

    It’s incomplete, some presets don’t work, and some probably never will due to embarrassingly parallel nature of GPUs. Not all effects are ported, there’re icons in the tree, red cross means the effect doesn’t work with DX port (such effects just do nothing). Even for effects that are ported not all features work or 100% compatible. E.g. megabuff is not available to NSEEL expressions. Also only a few transitions are implemented.

    But some built-in presets already work and you're welcome to create your own ones.

    Other effects are improved. Trans/blur is much better. Render/picture and render/avi understand modern formats (jpeg, png, mp4, mkv) and they parse shortcuts (no need to copy videos to Winamp\Plugins\avs, create a .lnk there instead).

    Currently there’s no installer, place the DLL in Winamp/Plugins directory, then select in Visualization/Select plugin Winamp’s dialog.

    Performance is OK on my PC and netbook but they're both quite fast (1080Ti and Iris 550, respectively). There’s a built-in GPU profiler, press Settings/GPU Profiler to open. When editing presets, read the log (Settings/Debug window) as it sometimes contains interesting messages.

    That’s unpaid hobby project and I have already spent more time on this than I was planning to. Need to catch up with other stuff, but when I will have time for that, I’ll update.

    Ideally, I want complete compatibility with the old one. Might also add some new 3D effects in the future.
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    Fixed a couple of bugs, e.g. can now compute square roots of negative numbers just like the original one.

    Implemented couple more renderers: Trans/Dynamic Shift, texer.ape, Trans/Bump.
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      Multiple small changes and bugfixes, more presets now compatible. Also improved visual quality of move effects.

      BTW, I’ve noticed silky-smooth 60 FPS @ 4k has its downsides, apparently many presets were designed to be bound to ~30 FPS by CPU processing power and now they feel too fast at 60Hz. Maybe I need to add a framerate limiter there.
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        Made the source code public:

        Discussion on HN:


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          Just posting to say that your efforts are not going unnoticed!


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            Try to utilize the

            Thanks and Regards,
            Kay Augustine - Founder

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