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QCD or QMP to winamp

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  • QCD or QMP to winamp

    As my old QMP isn' able to play streamed AAC, I've resurected winamp that does it well so I was wondering if QMP/QCD visualizations could be executed in winamp as the oppsite is true : I use the winamp version of izotope in QMP ?

    Any hint ?

    PS : Iknow it's 2 query in one post but enabling some modern skins was just too much for my 31" monitor (when the skin might have been designed for a 17") (considering that even on a 17" some designers already did tiny UI).. so... is there a way to "recode" a skin, like a skin editor allowing me to resize the skin parts ans recode it for the new overall size ?

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    N. E. I. T. W. W
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      so much noise...


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        as I don't have the faint idea of "N. E. I. T. W. W" means, this thread so old and the fact that I'm miserably trying to make a skin (based on excavated ones), I am still wondering if there's a way to make winamp use QCD/QMP visualisations (because of winamp's supérior audio engine)


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          Thread is posted in the wrong forum, thread continues here
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