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Doesn't any1 here understand AVS

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  • Doesn't any1 here understand AVS

    I mad at all you guys.nobody want to help understand the advanced grphics of avs(dsr,xds,rb and stuff)
    to all those who advnced creators of avs, please Heeeelp

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    Hey, Im not a advanced avs-creator, so I think many others here too!
    There are only a few people(like UnconeD), who are capable of doing all this mathematical shit Even if they help you, what do you expect....a professional article about AVS-creating????
    This is a very complicated topic, so helping isn't easy (without examples of your problems)!

    I make presets, without understanding this whole AVS-thing like many others

    I think you expect too much from the guys here...

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      ok here is one.i made this oval shape superscope.what if i want it to
      rotate it like unconed avs 'Groovy Saturn(TM)'
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        I hope you know, that a AVS-file isnt a Bitmap....

        I have worked a little bit, so it rotates in a very nice way (but not like the 'Groovy Saturn(TM)'). I have set the color to white, and have put a Fadeout-effect on this!

        I hope it helpes a little bit, the preset is in the Zip-file! YOU must experiment with all features of AVS...

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        Please DOWNLOAD my Preset Pack or my 2nd Preset Pack "Liquid-Drugs AVS"! Hey, you can go to my Homepage, too!


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          Short and long answer

          The short answer is: parametrise superscopes for a spherical surface consisting of *******ns and parallells. Use regular linear transformations for rotation and then project the whole onto a plane using central projection (divide by Z-coordinate). Voila, you have a rotating sphere.

          The long answer is that you need to know several mathematical principles to do things like 3D superscope and 3D dynamic movement. It's not a built-in function in AVS, it's something that some AVS creators (me, El-Vis, ...) have succeeded in creating. El-vis has a blank 3D superscope available I think, but even that won't get you far unless you know what you're doing.


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            Hi I have no clue about the maths stuff but just go on to a preset one and double click it (yes thats 2 times) and go on new and have a mess about with the different things and that how i got used to it. sorry if i completely confused you.


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              the simple SUPERSCOPE

              download this file, it is a EL-vis superscope, preset comes from El-vis6.

              rename the file to ".avs"
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                Ive forgot the TXT file
                Read that file, its essencial to everibody that wants to create a 3d superscope !!

                very good explanation on that TXT file
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                  Thanks man


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                    no more doubts ??
                    if someone else got more doubts, I recommend, contacting the forum moderators, or ask Unconed, Justin, EL-Vis and all that 3D pro's

                    If your doubt is something more simple mail me -> [email protected] or leave yuor msg here


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                      One word equations

                      If you know algebra and know how to use the internet just look up equations for like a circle and then you can implement that into the superscore. for the beat detection and stuff i dont know...


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                        one other thing

                        here is one example:


                        its proboyl VAR(x) and VAR(y) but so what ok...
                        the equation i just gave you gives you a circle with the radius of 6


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                          Uh, have you ever tried that in AVS? Because:

                          a) That's not a valid equation for AVS
                          b) Even if it were, it wouldn't work since AVS only understands variable=something expressions, not variable * variable = variable expressions.

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                            the "()" dosnt mean multiply in what i was trying to show it means whats in "()" is the power. and my bad its pow instead of pwr


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                              my bad again lol

                              that is the equation for graphing a cirle. so what is the proper circle equation for AVS if i am worng?