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AVS plug-ins for all y'all. webcam.. slideshow.. alife

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  • AVS plug-ins for all y'all. webcam.. slideshow.. alife

    I've got a few projects that extend AVS.

    pr0n for AVS is an APE render plug-in that takes input from a web-cam. Great for live shows or parties.

    alifeavs is a pack of plug-ins w/ aritificial life algorithms. There's flame, flocking, Conway's game of life, and a fucking sweet IFS plug-in, based on code from Massimino Pascal.

    slideshow (no name yet), is a slideshow render APE that allows you to use JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, and BMPs in AVS. I also hacked together support for loading Adobe Premiere Transitions.

    Anyways, the slideshow plug-in is too big to upload to the forums, but it's available on my web page:

    So, if anyone gets a chance to try them out, ideas for improvements or bug fixes are welcome. Or presets... the ones I packaged with them suck ass.

    Joshua Gerrish
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    here's pr0n for AVS. Sorry 'bout the path in the last zip file.
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      I'd like to say that's a great idea you cooked up and succeeded in accomplishing.

      Though, it doesn't seem to be effected by the set render mode object, so can you add in an option to set how the cam is supposed to render?

      This may be just a bug for my system, but if I remove the ape from the effect list, but then add it again, it does not work at all. Fortunately, restarting AVS or winamp sets the problem right, even if the "broken" ape is in the list.