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  • End of Whacko

    There's no point in stretching, so here goes: Whacko AVS VI is the last in the series, there won't be a VII.

    There are several reasons for my 'departure', I'll try to sum up the most important ones:

    - My life is becoming busier and busier. College is taking up a lot of time, and I'm not even doing much. Exams are coming up and I find I have tons of work to catch up... AVS has been taking away too much time for me.

    - AVS is frozen. It's been ages since we've had any improvement in AVS. We're still stuck at 2.5(.1), with a huge wishlist still growing every week. It's definitely a challenge to keep trying to innovate on a fixed platform, but when the challenge becomes a chore, it's not fun anymore. In Whacko AVS VI I had to spend ages trying to come up with new ideas...
    On top of that, we never hear anything from the people who developed AVS, it's like AVS is the annoying piece of software that is still used but that no-one wants to update because its architecture is outdated. I really hope the current Nullsoft-silence is because they're working on an AVS3 that will be hardware accelerated and include all the things we want, but then again that's just wishful thinking: Nullsoft has always been eager to release beta's and previews, so why would they keep this a secret? The same goes for AVS presets on the site... non-AVSers find that presets swamp the database, and tons of low-quality work is included in it. It's unorganized and hard to find anything if you don't know it by name.

    - I'm running out of ideas. I hinted at it here above, but I'll say it again: making Whacko AVS VI was damn hard. I kept thinking what the hell else I could do that wouldn't look like something that could've come out of packs I-V. I have a few neat ideas, but none of them are possible in AVS without getting an FPS below 0.1 on a shiny new PC. Innovation has always been the trademark of Whacko AVS, so without it people would just get disappointed.

    - After 6 packs, people are still complaining about style and responsiveness. You might say that these people are jerks, but look at the ratings El-vis or Fsk or any of the other technically superior packs got. No-one complains about style with them, so obviously they are doing something that I'm not. And if after 6 packs, I still can't make presets with style, then why would I expect a seventh pack would be better? The idea of making technically complex presets was the original idea behind Whacko AVS, yet that's obviously not enough.

    I'm going to take a break from AVSing. I might come back in a few months, but that's not a promise, more of a wish. AVS has been fun, but for the reasons above, I can't continue anymore.

    Nevertheless I see good things on the horizon, with all the talented authors around .

    (PS: For the faq or wishlist, I suggest someone else who feels up to it takes the responsibility. Just bug Rovastar if you want an update, but try to submit everything in copy/pastable UBB code so he has as little work as needed.)

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    It will be sad to see you go, but will you still stick around here at least?
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      Not really. Hanging around the forums would just be a waste of time if I'm not AVSing.


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        Sad to see you go

        I understand your reasons behind. the interest has drained from the WA point of view on AVS and mny other things. And trying to turn the wheels of change is more difficult too.

        I fully understaad the coming up with new ideas thing. Ohers pushing the boundaries by creating better stuff with new things to be creative with pushes you to do new stuff without it motivation wanies. I am there myself.

        You were a well respected member of these forums and you no doubt inspired many in there life of AVSing. Your input will be missed.

        Good verbally sparing with you too.

        Sorry too stoned to make a decent reply.
        "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

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          good bye would be able to make one preset every now and again, just for the hell of it or is this cold turkey for AVS?


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            Goodbye UC, it's sad to see you leave. You were a definite influence on everyone here and will be sorely missed.

            ::dedicates NDD3 to UnConeD::


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              Sad to see you go, Steven. You've been a huge inspiration to all of us. I can't tell you how many times I've thought, "How would UnConeD do it?" when trying to figure something out. I hope you'll come by the forums occaisionally, and give us, for lack of a better phrase, a piece of your mind

              I just want to say one thing: The guys saying that you have no style and your presets aren't responsive are dicks, you've got a shit ton more style than El-Vis ever has or will. Don't be bitter about it; there's absolutely no reason to it.

              You're definitely the most original artist to ever do AVS, I can understand you running out of ideas. IF, in your 'spare time', you could try coding a new version of AVS, you'd be bascially a god. Just a thought

              Spod geed, and may our croths pass again. Long live Whacko!
              "guilt is the cause of more disauders
              than history's most obscene marorders" --E. E. Cummings


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                Just two words: "Don't look back"

                Otherwise you will get all sentimental and shit, and nobody likes old sport stars trying to "catch up" the old days

                Just leave avs once and for all, if that's your plan. Saying that you might come back is like you never left... Look at El-Vis, he published history and said "NO MORE" and what do we get after that? Yup, Illusions! And after that he starts to publish a loads of single presets at

                Ok, now im just talking random stuff...

                Anyway, if you say you leave, LEAVE, don't say "I'll be bag" , because if you do so, people will expect you to come back and if you don't come back people will get disapointed and hang themselfs in their bathrooms...

                btw. I would love to see Picture Render II , because im going to make "Bitmapped" series in the future too, even though the first Bitmapped was pure shit...

                Take care Steven.
                In the end, i loved your work.
                Texer Resources

                Im retarded... err i mean retired!
                Probably both...


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                  Sorry to see you go. Truth be told, the whacko series is my favourite.

                  Thanks for all the help you've given others and me. We'll miss you in the forums.
                  Stoke me a clipper. I'll be back for Christmas.

                  - Arnold Rimmer
                  Red Dwarf


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                    Shut up Tuggummi!!

                    Hey wait a minute...
                    YOU'VE GOT WORK TO DO!!! Finish Render / Picture II, THEN you can "leave"
                    "guilt is the cause of more disauders
                    than history's most obscene marorders" --E. E. Cummings


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                      Thanks Unconed for all your AVS packs, you are a true AVS king. Though it is a pitty that you are leaving, may you excel in everything you do in your life.


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                        Man, it will be a serious shame to see you leave, I've always considered you a huge inspiration. I hope you'll reconsider and stay, but I know what you mean about Nullsoft, I wrote a rant in my Pack 2 along the same lines.



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                          UnConeD, Master of Cubes, quitting the business? Aww, that sucks... but I understand your reasons. As for the idiots that bashed you... well, they obviously don't know what they're talking about. As long as YOU like what you make, you can call it a success, right? Not to mention the fact that just about everybody here loves your stuff... so yeah. I wish you luck in whatever it is you choose to do with your time from now on, and I will be consoled only by the fact that I'll have my hands full for the next 15 years trying to figure out all the presets you've made. Godthpeed, thir.


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                            Its so sad to see you go. You always made very creative, original and stylish presets and about responcivness - on beat runing presets were there since since first non newpick presets(Tonic first pack) and you did make some spectrum responding presets too.
                            Anyway I hope that once you will get bored while listening to music and start making avs again.


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                              Sometimes when I'm stoned,
                              I put on Whacko for inspiration,
                              All the Net I have combed
                              Other AVSers are unthroned,
                              I hope your not leaving due to,
                              Tall poppy syndrome,

                              Ahh shit the best forum member is leaving

                              I saw this poll in the general disscusions form that hada vote for forum member of the year or something It should'a been YOU UnConed.

                              Bloody dingo's me wallabe and me wombat's in a bloody kanagroo court. It's all gone to shit Darl' I tell ya.

                              Well Seriously If your study is lacking because your spending too much time on presets then.... have a break ... If you say your leaving like Tuggummi says, then your cutting off your moral option of comming back. I'd be more inclined to say "Fuck ya's I'm not gonna make presets unless I bloody well feel like it and if you dont like em then you can stick them right up your arse hole so far that you'll be seeing colours every time you open your mouth to say anything."

                              If inspirations starting to leave you its just because you leaving the learning curve at it's highest point, the presets you find now will be far and few between and only do it when you enjoy it .. dont cut yourself off alltogether... You might regret it and end up being one of those romantic rememberance type ppl, bit gay really..

                              Don't leave UnConeD this place'll suck with out you.