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  • A submission!

    Ok, i rarely ever make full presets, i often get bored before they come to completion.
    Last night however, i made these..
    this i my first ever submission, 5 presets..
    Some are great in my eyes, some are not.

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    My second review and I am happy again

    Cube Spectrum

    the stars are cool.. and the cube too.
    But you should change the distance fogging, you cant see even half the cube, optimize the preset and you could get about 5 fps more! what about removing all those effect lists with input and output both set to replace!
    and code the camera so that it is near the central attaraction, the cube.
    the cube goes so far away.
    DONT USE EL-VIS' 3d engine, its way too slow. Understand the 3d code, and make one yourself.

    Dynamic Dream Moth

    As you said, a really shitty preset, I dont like it.
    What about enabling wrap in the dm. I think this one was accidental, or made by random coding.

    Mirror Test.

    I wont say anything about it, as it is only a test. Well, you can rotate the thing and as all the scopes are 3d, its simple enough.

    Northern Lights

    Very much ancient and already done.
    and as for: ;;;;color_stuff;;;;;;;;;;;; in your ssc,
    you can use ¥Colour Stuff;

    Send Me More Yellow Birds

    Overall this is a cool preset. I like it

    Chaos In The Bathroom

    This preset lacks something, although i can describe it.

    Overall i would give 3.****~shreyaspotnis


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      Chaos in the Bathroom:
      Well I agree that it lacks something. Just a bit boring when watched some time. Actually you had the same idea like me Is amazingly similiar to one of mine (yet unreleased) presets

      Don't like the Superscope. The movement shakes too much. There should be On-Beat-Zooming.

      Add a background and make that thing move in an more interesting way.

      Nothing to add to the previous comment.

      Please send me more yellow birds:
      Nice one. Like it.

      Spectrum Cube:
      I really like this one.


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        chaos in the bathroom: do a 3d projection so it looks like a plane and add the upwards bump that way.

        dynamic_dream_moth: a little basic and chaotic. add more to this

        mirror test: you need to apply this to something else. The sphere and grid look wierd...

        northern lights: scope needs to be dynamic. its also going a little too fast...i always picture the northern lights as being relaxing and peaceful.

        Please send me more yellow birds: way too n00bish. i would dump this one

        good job with spectrum cube...I don't like the starfield changing on beat, though.
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          Here is my review of your presets.

          Chaos in The Bathroom - Ok but nothing special.

          Dynamic_dream_moth - Ugly.

          mirrortest - This doesn't look nice but it's just a test.

          northern_lights - Nice.

          please send me more yellow birds - Ok.

          Spectrum Cube - This is the best one in the pack.
          Darn, I can't think of anything to put here.


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            oh.. poo..
            now i have motivation to take the whole game a bit more serious!!
            As, ive explained.. im sorry for very high fps, and also for the general low quility in ideas. this was an overnight job.
            thanx all./


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              -Specube, i like the distance fogging of the cube. And i also like the zooming. It looks to vacant when zoomed in cause its just a dot cube.
              -DDM: Well, yes, it was made by random code. Yes, it is a shite ssc.
              -Choas: This was my fav. i dont care if its boring
              *folds arms, turns back and says: 'humph'*


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                Looks like another coder has arrived to the avs forums. Welcome
                Texer Resources

                Im retarded... err i mean retired!
                Probably both...


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                  haven't seen ya round much axer, but some good presets, like chaos in bathroom, that 1 good


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                    I don't really know about these. At least they're 3d unlike mine. They're ok, but I cant say that I like em so much. They're quite good though. Keep on working! : )
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                      if you are new to AVS then a grat job, but if you are like me, then not sop good preset ( i used to make presets ever since the second version was released)


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                        I made presets ages ago.. when 3d was just unthinkable..
                        but then i stoped cause i had no common access to a comp..
                        started making presets again, and started working out 3d code, about a month ago.


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                          well good job axer(or should i call you axe ? ).I wanna see more presets from you
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                            phaze, u updated ur avatar!, looks nice

                            axer, ur sig's a bit long (its supposed to be only 3 lines)


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                              but i really like it..
                              ok, ill change it..
                              /Axer ponders deeply

                              BTW: Im now working on my first ever pack.. and im trying to avoid 3d.. its quite hard to be creative in that area now. Lots of retro looking presets. Full, solid, bright colours and nice geometry.