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3D X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars)

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  • 3D X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars)

    Nice 3D Graphics
    Very dark colours - I suggest dimming the lights a bit
    A few surprises if you watch for a while
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    Another coder has landed on the forums... Welcome

    Too bad tho that i don't like the overall looks of this preset too much. Imo the mosaic effect looks bad and does not really fit into the preset, also using subtractive 2 with the ship makes it look rather nasty and xor:ish ( which some people like, but some hate. i.e. Me hate, Atero like ) Anyway, i just don't think that adding a ship that just rotates in front of some weird stuff is enough, you could basicly make two presets out of this, one with the background scopes and some nice effects and one with the ship flying through space or other whatnot.
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      I agree with Tug, though I like the techniques you used a lot.
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        well, the preset has almost no beat response but the coding is nice

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          Just get the aesthetics down right, and you're good to go! Well, maybe a few other things too, but you get the idea.

          That X-wing fighter looks very real. Nice job with coding on that
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            Nice x-wing, but it's colors are horrible. The background also is pretty bad.

            A good background would be a custom SSC starfield.

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              Nice x-wing. Bad Background. Next time try using acos(-1) for pi instead of of typing out the number. It's a lot simpler.
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                sweet coding! Need to work on your background, as the other people already said. Next thing you might consider working on is a DM to create a moving "terrain"

                BTW: I like the surprise you mentioned
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                  That is some really good coding for the X-Wing scope, you must have had a lot of free time.