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Guidelines for posting presets

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  • Guidelines for posting presets

    Guidelines for posting presets

    If you would like to share your presets on this forum, please follow these guidelines.

    1) Please save your preset as 'Author - Preset name.avs'
    This makes it much easier to organise and find presets.
    It is pretty easy to do, and offers a huge advantage for everyone.

    1a) This also goes for images.
    example: 'Author - image name.bmp/jpg/avi'

    2) Compress the files you're submitting in a .ZIP-file
    Not in .RAR, .7z or your other totally awesome compression filetype.

    If you're submitting anything more than one .avs file ((mini)packs, images etc),
    3) Put your presets in a subdir (in the zipfile) with your name in it
    Organising presets in the root, even with the author's name in front of it, is still very messy. So make a folder named after you, and put your presets that are not packaged yet in there.

    These guidelines will help you and everyone here to keep his directory clean.
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