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Private Compilation 2006

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  • Private Compilation 2006

    this is a compilation pack...

    Private Compilation 2006

    I moved this here from the other thread and I may be deleting the other thread..

    Working on a little installer issue.. but I have both the .exe and the .rar file for everyone..

    Private Compilation 2006 RAR File

    Okay so please give credit where its due.. This pack includes over 312 Avs Presets..

    I adjusted mine for performance going fullscreen .. and the pack ran for 48 hours on two systems..

    I can get the settings for anyone who needs them.. I think I have it all in a notepad document somewhere..

    HP 360N ( 2000 Model )
    1.6 GHz with 512 Ram
    1280 x 1024 16 bit 80%

    Everex ( the Most efficient Laptop in the world 2006 Model )
    1.7 Ghz with 480
    1280 x 768 32 bit
    Using Winamp Modern Skin

    I had to eliminate some of the visualizations as they quit working properly after the upgrade to 5.32..
    But this pack was taken from all of the highlights of the Avs's as I could find. my critiquing may need to be fine tuned to your liking but over all I found it to diverse and include atleast one thing from just about everyone..
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    (accidental doublepost)
    Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever


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      Re: Private Compilation 2006

      I'll help you:

      click here for the installer

      click here for the .rar file

      (images are disabled on the AVS board)
      Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever


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        EDIT* I see..


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          i love the compilation.
          heath do you control a FTP or is that a server you use?
          As far as idiots go i'm not sure.
          But as far as genius goes again i'm not sure. Now when it comes to imagination now thats another story.


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            I use and configure Apache 2.23 and 2.058..

            Working on learning JavaScript through a book by Chris Heilmann which will allow me to actually run ColdFusion MX7 which I have already
            I also ahve Flash Media server that will come in handy as well..and of Course SHOUTcast

            I actually also have PHP and SQL ability but don't know the language as of yet..

            oh and the link is about to be updated..

            here it is again however since I control the server the one above is still correct as well..
            Private Compilation 2006

            Oh and Lots of thanks to Yathosho who actually did two more new Beta versions of PimpBot bringing it to version 3 beta 4..
            Enabling me to actually Package this compilation correctly with my Splash banner, custom icon, wave sound capability, and definitely within a timely manner..

            Couldn't be happier!!


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              Originally posted by heath28m
              Working on learning JavaScript through a book by Chris Heilmann which will allow me to actually run ColdFusion MX7 which I have already
              If I were you I would try wildly experimenting and web tutorials. JavaScript is extremely straightforward if you have any other programming experience.. (e.g. AVS Preset)

              Also PHP and SQL fall into the same box of "trivial" languages. As an example I have always been able to learn enough of any of these three in an hour or two to be able to do whatever I wanted to do. I constantly "re-forget" them too.

              There are tons of resources on the internet, one of the best for web junk like this is
              -- Jheriko

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                Cool.. I love anything with W3C attached to it...


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                  If you are wondering why noone is commenting on your pack it might be because none of those links work...



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                    This also might be because I have removed them from my Apache Server and I am having this account deleted...after the PM I received today


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                      The link is back as of 2 hours from the last post I did...

                      There usually isn't much feedback...Except the one above ..

                      The pack will be updated again will include other avs files as well..

                      The all links site wide will be updated when this link is updated..therefore any all will still be current and correct..

                      I also have to update the installer to version 3 beta 6 for this pack it works fine like it is now but keeping up with the progresses made with the PIMPBOT installer
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                        Its updated..its good.. Tested on a fresh install of the default WinAMP 5.32 no extras..

                        Only one visual out of the now 329, did not do well, until it went fullscreen ... then it was fine ...

                        No changes to the AVS settings were performed in testing..

                        Private Compilation 2006

                        The Url for the .rar which includes them all is currently offline

                        and I don't care if I am talking to myself here ..

                        Oh and thanks for all of the response I actually did get looking over the server logs..
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                          Well.. its not what I expected (I thought it was some huge-ass pack of your presets) but its a fairly neat idea, bringing together a lot of presets from different authors.

                          The only critisism I have is that the presets aren't sorted by artist quite properly.



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                            yeah I know..

                            and it actually lacks audio/visual staging presentation too..

                            The big deal was the names and so on.. after I had went through like 2000 presets packs..and sorted and so on . I moved them to one folder because I thought it woudl make the randomization better.. and would keep the the avs's from doubling back on themselves after so far..

                            Then I realized that some mimicked one another ( the same presets with a slightly different filename ) so I tried to erase duplicates..

                            During that I realized that quite a few of these presets were actually not fully named because of staging within a pack and so on...

                            The task of downloading and researching the all of the authors... and renaming them to all be categorized by their author name seemed like a little too much ...LOL

                            So I left them how I got them basically..just all in one folder...