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Naturally Occuring Superscope

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  • Naturally Occuring Superscope

    Unfortunately, this particular Superscope configuration requires me to utilize pencil and paper to transmit from _ME_ TO You_ so here goes nothing:
    This Superscope resembles a Kaliedoscope.
    5+ Long Years of R&D to produce this, so please leave my names alone:
    "The Dark Star" + "S3kShuN8" + "[MotherNature+FatherTime]" + various others...
    Best_Results25 FPS or better regardless of rendering size and multithread capability)
    n = 1008 * 32 ; Radius = 0.667 ; xR = Radius * h / w ; Multi = pow(2, 12)
    ../FRAME: (empty)
    ../BEAT: (empty)
    red = i ; green = abs(v) + i ; blue = 1 ;
    R = Radius * (v + i) ; xR = R * h/w ;
    x = sin(v * Multi) * xR ; y = cos(v * Multi) * R

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      Thanks for taking the time to copy/paste how to make your AVS preset.
      You should be able to attach the actual AVS to a post, if you put it inside a zip, and use the reply page.
      If you do that then people can more easily view your creation.


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        I realize that this may take a while, but has _anyone_ checked this out yet besides myself?


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          Not an option in this instance. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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            Naturally Occuring Superscope

            ../\..\/..'just plug em into the scope and try not to drool on the keyboard';''L00L'';


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              Sorry for the DELAY

              ./\.\/.|_|_|...once again, sorry for the Wierd Delay !!!! ...

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                That's quite a high number of points but it works fast enough.

                Some variation of color would be welcome, it quickly gets boring now

                What else did you do in those 5 years?
                Jesus loves you [yes, you] so much, he even died for you so that you will not need to die, but live forever


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                  Mostly searched for the right mix of (n) points and a useful (Multi) value. If either is altered even slightly, the resulting image is vastly different. For an example of this, use "Multi=pow(2,11)" instead of 2^12 and also experiment with the value of n.

                  It works better with certain songs compared to other songs. If the song has a lot of noise then the image displayed will also show a lot of noise. Try it with some instrumentals or solo vocals. The really neat thing about it is that you can see some sound that is too quiet to even hear at all.


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                    I'm not very good with the colors and effects; this is driven entirely by the music itself...


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                      This circular oscilloscope reminds me of a kaleidoscope such that I might have had as a child. It is extremely sensitive to the sound it is processing. It is such a shame that the current version of AVS displays a black screen when this preset is loaded. Fortunately I had a version that worked.


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                        Cool Water Effect

                        This is by far the best way to view this O-scope.
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