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  • ZacmanPresets

    The Zacmanpresets are a collection of my best colored presets that I wish to share with you all I "zacman" hope you like them.
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    Hey Zacman, nice new presets! I especially like your tenra preset.


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      These remind me so much of me when I did my first presets. It's not great per-se, but you can see a potential if you squint your eyes hard enough. Someone squinted their eyes at me when I was starting, im gonna squint my eyes at you.

      Let us begin.

      Electrotitle - It is very simple with simple effects, I don't really know what the text render is doing to the preset, I can't see it. It is a typical spectrum + effects presets you start with, but atleast it's not all black and neon colors. I have to give it to you, you chose bright colors, although it is very hard to distuinguish the exact visual elements in the mix. But you didn't choose black background with neon lights. that's always a plus.

      Jaws - This reminds me of carrion ( the video game in 2021 ) . Very responsive, very distuinguished colors make it pop out immeadiately. It's a pretty basic "throw in elements see what happens" presets I used to do a lot too at the start, but the colors are nicely vibrant.

      paperstar - Maybe im running this on too high fps ( i get like 500fps ) but seems empty to me. It's a white bright background with not much happening in it, the 3 stars of the show are barely undisguisable from each other and leave no trail or mark behind so there's no smoothness to it or as we AVS PROFESSIONALS like to call it "flo", there's no flo to dis preset haer mon.

      Pink - PInk as in a pink eye? Has some good reactions to music, but pretty basic overall. Looks like an eyeball that is suffering from an infections, guess that's why it called... oh... OH...

      tentak| - Clever naming there trying to fool me to type l instead of |
      I see no tentacles anywhere tho, wait lemme adjust my framerate a bit... limiting my fps to 22 fps I can see some... nope it's just rings and a line. That does make me wanna go back at your other presets and view them at a lower framerate, because this one does look better with lower framerate as weird as it sounds.

      Tentra - The fadeout is set to way too strong, maybe it's an fps or high resolution issue on my side, but this preset looks way better without the fadeout. The first preset of this pack that I actually quite enjoy! Nice color combination on this one.

      All in all reminds me a lot of myself when I started with some weird fps issues with modern machines I assume.
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