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my first two proper avs presets

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  • my first two proper avs presets

    just registered here so i could share these two presets i made some months ago. this is not the first time i've made an avs preset however...

    tell me what you think
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    Dive Deep - Nice color mapping and effect layering, not much in the reaction side of things unless there's a lull moment in the music it's hard to tell.

    Swirling Storm - Whoa, really cool effects in here and I absolutely adore the colors. Very unconventional shapes makes it interesting too, but again very hard to tell the difference in reaction to the music.

    All in all, these presets kinda remind me of myself, cool effects and nice colors, but hard to tell if they're reacting to music.

    Not a bad first couple of presets
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    Probably both...