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  • As Seen On TV

    As Seen on TV
    Shock Value 2003


    My first ever preset pack is complete, and ready for download! I'd appreciate any comments, and if you have time I encourage you to write a preset by preset review (ONLY if it is convenient for YOU).

    Also, I am assuming most of you have all of UnConeD's packs installed, so I have not included the APEs or images of his that I use. I am sorry if this causes a problem, but probably for most of you it would take longer to pick and choose what parts of the zip file to unzip. And let me add, UnConeD's APEs are excellent.

    I suggest you view the preset in order, from beginning to end.

    Well, or ?
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    Very nice, some are much better than others but overall, very good pack, some very original ideas and themes.

    00 as seen on tv - overall good effect. The flashing with the numbers is very nice, except sometimes it flashes but dosent change, im not overly joyed in seeing grainy presets but this is nice. Also you shouldve set the "channel" numbers text to random ordering
    01 following a comet - looks nice but its rather empty and simplistic and the DM gives me a headache. Needs something else.
    02 cpu - When i first looked at this i thought, ugh, chaotic. But after about 10 seconds it started to look like a really nice complicated preset, good work.
    03 cartoonists dream - meh, simple superscope and some colours, dosent look bad but its been done too many times
    04 neon combustion - flashy, but smooth, i kinda like it but im not sure why, This looks like a better version of 01 but its a little too bright at points, otherwise nice.
    05 into the eye - good overall effect, i suppose. Just that those lines going to the middle is all it seems to do.
    06 blaze - very nice, i like that fire. Maybe something else should be happening but otherwise great.
    07 vivid flowers - heh, this one made me laugh, very original idea, very well implemented, good job.
    08 juggling colours - interferences, meh. The superscope is pretty good but thats where it ends.
    09 radioactive puddle - looks good but there culd be a little more colour change and its not exactly the most original idea ever, too much green but otherwise nice effect.
    10 iced blaze - i prefer the original, this is kind of irritating and the fireworks make it look a bit crappy, not bad though.
    11 blind speed - too chaotic and colour-o-matic for my liking, not bad effect but youve used both these effects in different presets
    12 claustrophobia - love the colours and the whole basic thing, just could use some 3d rotation, otherwise, great work.
    13 approaching the big bang - nice effect i guess, but its just plain boring, it barely does anything.
    14 lavapool - love the way it looks and the whole metablobs thing, good preset but not a great ammount of work on your part, good preset anyway.
    15 electric whirlpool - dosent do much but looks great with soft music, not really a preset, more of a background.
    16 ocean descent - is it just my pc or is this just dark bubbles floating about.
    17 infared fog - very nice, love the effect you get with the DM, the scopes a little "simple" but still looks great.
    18 science - excellent work here, very original. I love that lightning effect and the way the purple makes up the stormy effect, great work.
    19 blueprint - wow, frikkin amazing, looks great. This looks like something UnConeD did or would do anyway, 5 star preset there, great job.
    20 Thats not art - a tad on the basic, additive, moving partice, nOOb preset side, its an ok effect i suppose but a big quality drop from the preceding preset.
    21 crystal ball - very nice original idea, very well implemented, i could watch this for a long time, it looks very ssmooth and liquidlike and not always like a crystal ball but anyway, good preset.
    22 Piece of the matrix, nice job. Not very original but hey, i cant critisize you for that ive done something similar with the ones and zeros dropping. That plane in the middle looks great. Nice work.
    23 football weather - amazing, another 5 star preset here. Takes a while to get started but i was staring in awe once it got going, it looks so realistic. Great.
    24 Standing on the shore - Nice work but its sort of, in the makings of a 5 star preset. It looks great but at points but you need to work on it so that it looks like it all the time.
    25 credits - haha, original idea. I was going to do this, bastard lol, ah well, good idea, well implemented.

    Overall id say youve got a 4.3 star pack here, like i said, some are better than others and some are just plain amazing. Keep up the good work, hope to see some more soon

    im gonna go have a nice long rest now
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      00 - Don't like the flashing. Otherwise, good preset.
      01 - There is a problem with the movements at the top and bottom of screen(glitchy shapes sometimes). The shaking is a little annoying, but alright
      02 - Good matrix preset. I would let the camera move in/out a bit more, but very nice overall.
      03 - Definitely seen this before. Standard Noob look, but is actually, codewise, better.
      04 - Brightness taken too far - looks great without it. Try using a DM instead of constant zooming movement.
      05 - Add some more lightning bolts and colors. Take out the flash.
      06 - Needs a good background. The effect list just makes it confusing. A simple green, grainy background could be nice.
      07 - Make the sun move some and add sky/ground textures. Could be a nice cartoony preset with textures.
      08 - Uses glitches in it(the color rectangles). Don't really like it.
      09 - Good fluid movment. Multiple colors at once would make it even better.
      10 - Don't like the lines, or the fyrewurx. Definitely faster than the fire preset though.
      11 - Don't like the thick render mode. Turn the SSC shaking some too.
      12 - Add something else(like hovercraft or something). Kinda boring right now.
      13 - Needs a background. Make the on beat changes smoother.
      14 - Use something besides the TV ape to give it a texture.
      15 - Let the mass of lines move around some. Could lend to a nice effect if more than one mass was used.
      16 - My screen stays almost totally black for this one. All i see are a couple of vibrating circles.
      17 - Kind of boring ossciliscope. Make it do something.
      18 - Add a movement that will do a bit more. Good SSC, just make it a bit more noticable.
      19 - Lovely preset. My favorite so far. The waving background is really neccessary. This shows some talent.
      20 - Seen similar before. Not very interesting.
      21 - Too uneventful. Very repetitive. Could use a better, more dynamic movement.
      22 - Make the weird sheet move smoothly. What is it supposed to be, anyways?
      23 - I'm guessing you are trying to make it look like it's raining and there is lighting... at least everywhere outside the little bubble. Try making it look like the person is lost - have him turn around and run in circles. Try putting a team logo on the 50(also, add yard markers).
      24 - What is wth the gradient going across the top of my screen?. Waves aren't very realistic, but the beach is fairly realistic. Make the surf come in and out.
      25 - The stars are scaring me. Add some color to it.

      Overall - 4.25. Good pack. Some noob presets in the middle, but there are some very original ones. #19 is by far my favorite. Can't wait to see more from you.

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      • #4
        Wow, this pack really blew my mind, considering it's from a relatively new AVSer Technically excellent, and visually quite good in spots. However, you need to work on patching up your presets so they aren't uberchaotic and/or glitchous.
        Blueprint and Vivid Flowers were two of the best superscope presets I've seen - I wouldn't change a thing about them except for fixing prints in Blueprint that are too large, and making the flowers in Vivid Flowers always touch the stems.
        I give it 4.5 stars. Good work!
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          Definately some class presets in there. Vivid Flowers was just great.
          Stoke me a clipper. I'll be back for Christmas.

          - Arnold Rimmer
          Red Dwarf


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            Thanks for your comments!

            About Ocean Descent, there are supposed to be greenish/bluesh lines that form the outline of the canyon in the BG, but it might only show up during louder music, since they are completely sound reactive. I probably shouldn't have made them that way, but I suppose it's too late to fix that now. But anyway try it with loud music and see if there's a difference.

            In addition, on Lavapool, I meant to leave Clear Every Frame off, but right now it's on. You might want to try turning it off, altough I don't think it will make a big difference, just some extra red in the blobs.

            Also, I agree, Blueprint did come out very nice. I intend to do more with that superscope setup, including bring it into full 3D. That preset is probably my favorite of the pack, although Football Weather definitely comes in at a close second.

            Anyway, I'm glad you all enjoyed the pack, although I still have a lot of work to do before I'm up there with the "legends" of AVS (specifically, I need to learn 3D math). Goodnight!


            • #7
              Blueprint: I used a similar scope generator in insane architect and hypernet (both WA-IV presets).

              It would indeed be cool if the scopes connected vertically as well and actually formed a 3D shape.

              Some presets are really great visually:
              blueprint, following a comet, claustrophobia (but it needs something more... you could easily turn this into a 3D DM with very low vertical resolution, like my wolfenstein-3D preset), electric whirlpool (but if you add a black-skyblue gradient additive color map at the end it looks more electric)

              oh and an idea for blueprint would be to keep the same shape longer, but pan/zoom/rotate90° it randomly a few times before going to the next (like you're studying it, similar to my 'mission to mars' display), oceandescent (but make more sensitive to music, i needed a very loud track to see it).

              There were a few I didn't like at all though: 'that's not art', 'blind speed', 'radioactive puddle' and 'juggling colors' (needs a more normal colorscheme)

              Keep making more
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                Combination of my WolfenAVStein 3D and clauastrophobia reveal this . Pretty awesome (added a quick day-night cycle too).
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                  Even slower, but prettier
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                  • #10
                    really n33t, unconed

                    forgot to mention: always include apes when you use them. lava pool doesn't work at all without tv.ape (bleh at tv.ape)
                    "guilt is the cause of more disauders
                    than history's most obscene marorders" --E. E. Cummings


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                      wow, very nice unconed. Now we only need hovercraft...

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                        Reminds me of Blade Runner. That was a good movie.
                        Stoke me a clipper. I'll be back for Christmas.

                        - Arnold Rimmer
                        Red Dwarf


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                          very very nice, love the colours, looks kinda like skyscrapers to me.


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                            Shock Value i got to say ...
                            Werrry cool, añd its ur first pack...
                            I really like the "following a commet" the turbolense (i dunno if it the correct word) efect is grate!
                            CPU - cool effect, it seems that U really like "Matrix"
                            Neon combusition - little too white sometimes, but still: YAY!
                            Blaze - wooow, like real!
                            Claustrophobia - What was I thinking when i looked at the preset : "Hmm, cool DM" but noo, no deam DM, nice
                            Blueprint - nice, but jumps too much around...
                            Piece of the martix - U reall do like "Matrix", doesent U? Cool ssc-s
                            Football weather - Yay... I wanna do kinda stuff too...
                            UnConeD's remix for claustrophobia - ill just say nothing...

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                              Damn this is an excellent first pack ! Most of the presets are mind blowing but a few really gave me the feeling of deja-vu
                              -> Favourite presets : Vivid flowers - very original and well implemented idea
                              Blaze - nice effect...sorta relaxing
                              Claustrophobia - it looks great ! A 3d DM would be very appreciated after you figure it out
                              Piece of the matrix - the overall effect is pretty well acomplished but i have the feeling something is missing...
                              Standing on the shore - w00t ! .
                              As seen on TV - that is one of my all time favourites ! The tv effect is totally sweet !

                              Keep up the good work you have lots of talent!
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