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    I apologize for not including the TV APE; for some reason I thought it was included with AVS from the beginning. Anyway, if you don't have it, here it is, along with all of the other APEs I used (if I remembered them all).
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      Woot! Ur pack is great mr.shock! Eventough it's your first pack, but it seems that you know much already about avs. Favs all the way through the pack. Keep 'em coming! Oh, i do have that tv.ape btw =D


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        Yup, As seen on TV has 2003V of Shock Value

        A great pack. That blue print preset is soooo coool. My other fav is that football field. You win the best newcomer award.

        And Coned, that preset is just whaaaaaaaaaaa...
        I hate signatures!!
        *bangs his head on the keyboard in hope of getting an idea*


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          00-Looking old school. Rings are disturbing
          01-Dynamic Movement too shaky
          02-That's look nice but dark if you check clear every frame
          03-That too simple but beautiful
          04-Beautiful when the rings are not onbeat enabled
          05-Hate the flashing
          06-The fire looks beautiful, great job!
          07-Wow. Thats natural-looking only thing is better if they are solid
          08-Artistic interferences
          09-Beautiful but mostly turns green
          10-I better like it than the original, the downside is the fireworks is disturbing and the first dm make me a little dizzy
          11-Great job! but better remove the flashing;
          12-Not enough rotation
          13-That's minimal
          14-Use clear screen instead of TV
          15-I see the ripple optical illusion going on
          16-First its all ring, dm static, second blue scoope but still static dm but in third green scoope and dm is moving left and right
          17-Best non dizzy-ing shaky preset ever, as other shaky preset makes me dizzy
          18-Like it if there too small flashing scoope on it
          19-Best preset in the pack! The 3D and 2D preset makes it complicates with blue scoope background
          20-Another best non dizzy-ing shaky preset
          21-Well, that boring, what eves
          22-How did you form numbers in a scoope?
          23-It's realistic and even the rain background tad disturbing, its in 3D
          24-This preset is also wonderful, best for summertime
          25-Stars is too awesome i mostly stare at this part