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AVS is showing almost every plug-in as same

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  • AVS is showing almost every plug-in as same

    I am going crazy here....

    Just d/l the new Geiss and AcidsPunk II, for some godforsaken reason when I start those plug-ins I get the most basic viualization of winamp (the basic one with the lines, fading colors etc...)

    I tried all diferent resolutions, nothing, though Tripex 3.12 (which I d/l a long time ago and also kinda heavy) works excellent!

    I have a party in 1.5 hrs and I need this fracken thing to work...

    Anyhows, just to tell you, I have installed the latest graphic card software.

    My rig:
    AMD 3000+ Winchester model
    ATI 9800 RADEON
    1GB RAM

    PLEASE help ASAP!


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    In your WinAmp preferences (Ctrl-P), in the Plugins -> Visualization section, there should be a number of different plugins listed. When you select one and press "Start", a visualization should appear. Click the right mouse button on it, and you should get a menu with some configuration options and, in most cases, there will also be a list of various visualizations ("presets") for your selected plugin. Assuming you've got the right visualization plugin selected (this is "Advanced Visualization Studio" most of the time), the preset packs you've downloaded and installed would be somewhere in this list.

    If your current skin shows "Prev" and "Next" buttons, you can use those to cycle through the available presets. Pressing "y" and "u" does the same thing (at least in AVS, probably in the other plugins as well but I don't use them).

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks for the detailed help Steven Roy but i'm afraid I didnt pass my question correctly i guess the question was:

      Why do my graphic visualization plug-ins I d/l show as the same basic visualization ??

      I know how to press CTRL-K and choose a plug-in and configure it btw, I just need to know how I can fix this problem.



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        Reinstal winamp.
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          I got a new computer, Quad processor, ATI 5770, GB's for the win, etc etc. A victorious Rig.

          Now again, I installed winamp, got the newest Geiss from the site (4.29) installed, went over the instructions, pressed start and................. AGAIN.... basic visualization....

          I posted a link here of a screen shot to give you an example.

          As I remember Geiss, there are supposed to be AMAZING visuals, little dots that show the progress of the song, the song title, etc etc - arguably the pinnacle of all visuals.....

          Now I would GREATLY appreciate your help ppl!!!!



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            Please go (with winamp closed) to (by default) C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ Scroll down and you'll see a number of vis_[something].dll files, one of those is vis_milk2.dll. Hopefully there should be a vis_geiss.dll or something too. Remove all other vis_?.dll files (or put them in another folder to be safe) and Winamp should automatically select the one remaining file for you. If not, go to the CTRL+K menu, highlight it and click start.
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