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AVS window lost offscreen

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  • AVS window lost offscreen

    Hey boys and girls:

    I've spent waaay too much time trying to screw around with this problem. I'm sure it's in the forums somewhere but I don't seem to b using the right keywords. Here's my issue:

    Recently i changed to dual monitors and in trying to use my AVS window fullscreen on the second one, ended up losing it permanently, seemingly offscreen (can't see it when it is toggled on).

    I have tried a number of things including screwing with little understood settings in winamp.ini, etc. but that doesn't do anything. I have also reverted to one monitor but that doesn't bring it back. Interestingly, it works fine in Classic skin (and other skin) modes, just not Modern, so I am thinking it might be related to a skinning issue with one of the newer builds.

    I am up-to-date with version 5.35. Please help... I miss impressing my friends and neighbours with coolio visuals.


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    Please don't get up...

    I think I fixed the problem LITERALLY after creating the above post. "Found" the window again by tweaking my dual monitor settings, where it popped right back into view.

    Thanks to all who never even saw this post and wasted their time on it. Next time, i promise you a REAL challenge.



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      Im taking credit for it, I was here first!

      You're welcome, always glad to help.
      Texer Resources

      Im retarded... err i mean retired!
      Probably both...


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        I still have this problem. but not with dual monitor..
        how do i get it back in screen size??


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          Yea I have just run into the same problem. Switching from dual monitor setup and losing the AVS config window. =(

          I found it by circling screen 2 around screen 1 in my Intel GMA Panel till I found it.