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Queue stuck on Track 1. AVS blank

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  • JonnyMac
    OK, after doing some looking around in the forums, it seems that some are reporting issues with Winamp 5.61 and AVS with Windows 7. Here are a couple suggestions...
    • Try disabling the overlay and alpha blending modes.
      Right click in a AVS window as you would to select a preset. Then select AVS Editor from the context/pop-up menu. In the editor Window select Settings > Display, uncheck 'Enable' in the 'Alpha Blending' box and 'Overlay Mode' in the 'Overlay Mode' box. Then select Settings > Fullscreen and uncheck 'Use fullscreen overlay mode'. Close out of the AVS editor
    • Some users have suggested disabling Aero or instead just disable for Winamp. (disable Aero for a specific application)

    I have moved this to the AVS section of the forums Where you can (hopefully) get some more authoritative answers.

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  • 96shox
    The que issue was solved after a 2nd reinstall.
    AVS is still blanking out. I have the latest video card drivers btw.

    No extra plugins
    Motherboard- ASROCK 880gm-le
    CPU- AMD phenom ii x4 b55 (unlocked x2 555)
    Ram- 4gb patriot sector 5
    Soundchip- realtek ALC662
    Videocard- sapphire ati radeon hd 5450
    Windows 7 64 sp1
    DirectX 11
    Winamp 5.61

    dxDiag (attached)
    Attached Files

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  • JonnyMac
    Here are the instructions of a clean install of Winamp. .If a clean install does not resolve the issues, please post back here with additional Winamp & system specs.

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  • 96shox
    started a topic Queue stuck on Track 1. AVS blank

    Queue stuck on Track 1. AVS blank

    Hi, an early thank you to anyone who can help.

    First, the queue on my fresh 5.61 install has a real issue.
    Lets say I select Michal Jackson-bad as Queue #1. Justin Beber as Queue #2. No matter if another song is playing or if I am playing MJ-BAD currently, when the song is over it will keep repeating MJ-BAD non-stop, EVEN if i press next!

    Second, AVS just plays a blank screen. I try selecting different visualizations to no avail. Sometimes a couple random picks will actually work, but very few of them. And something is still wrong AVS because if I go full screen then go back to windowed (docked or small window) it stops playing again. VGA card is ati 5450.

    3rd quick Question: how can i totally erase any trace of winamp to a 100% clean install? A regular uninstall doesnt do it.