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Presets Won't Remove

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  • Yathosho
    can you rule out there a second instance of the preset in your avs dir? did you delete it from the correct directory? in any case, you might also want to delete vis_avs.dat from your plugins dir - this is the preset currently in use.

    if you're looking for a way to fix avs crashing, have a look at this article!

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  • TheDarkTemplar
    started a topic Presets Won't Remove

    Presets Won't Remove

    There is one preset in one of the packs that I installed to AVS that is causing Winamp to crash every time I try to play it manually or when it comes up on randomize. I figured I could just find it in the AVS folder and remove it. It's the first one in the 'Warrior of the Light' pack. So I go to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\Plugins\avs\Warrior of the Light\Preset Pack 4' and delete the first .avs file in there and it removed it from the AVS right-click menu in Winamp. Unfortunately, it is still coming up on randomize or when you hit previous from the second one, despite it not being in the actual right-click window showing all of them, and keeps causing crashes. This is a bit annoying while trying to listen to music, of course. How do I remove the preset completely?