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Video Delay: different behavior

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  • Video Delay: different behavior

    Using AVS 2.81d

    I noticed something that might be useful for some people:

    In Windows XP there is the known bug that causes Video Delay to be set to 10 frames no matter what you set it to - until you highlight it in the editor.
    In Windows 7 (I'm running the 64 bit home premium version), this doesn't seem to happen.

    See attached preset for an example.
    If you're using XP, see how the preset changes when you select both VD's.

    I'm wondering what your experiences are with different versions, both AVS versions and Windows versions. I'm especially curious about the results with Vista versions.

    What do you think: is it a good idea to start using VD with a different delay than 10 frames from now on since more and more people are upgrading from XP?
    Should we wait, keep avoiding it or...?
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    Use video delay as you want to, the few people still interested in AVS will most likely hit the criteria of optimal viewing since they have to go through so much trouble to get AVS work in the first place.
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    Probably both...