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avs don`t working at all

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    Originally Posted by Warrior of the Light View Post
    Without AVS, I'd probably have switched to another player in the 3.x days.
    avs supports at least foobar2000 and xmplay, though i don't remember if components using bitmaps, like texer, are working properly. they surely don't work on winamp running in wine/darwine.

    if security is an important factor, one can still run an old winamp version in a virtual machine (or sandboxie), isolated from the actual operating system. take a look at the windows xp mode of windows 7 pro and ultimate or virtualbox, vmware etc. on fairly modern hardware, the loss of performance is negligible.

    personally i'm running avs on my macbook air through darwine/winebottler and the performance is great (faster than on my windows desktop), just that texers don't work.
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      /me bangs head on desk.

      there is no need to be downgrading the whole of Winamp just to use the older/newer/whatever vis_avs.dll - can that fud stop being spread as it's just getting as bad as the people who resolutely stay on 2.9x or earlier.

      the easiet option is to remove AVS from the distro and provide it as a separate installer with an option to select what version of the plug-in is wanted but stating clearly that it's broken in certain respects. that way it's down to people to decide if they want to install it or not and then doesn't become a primary support issue.

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