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AVS deleted !

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  • AVS deleted !

    Hi !

    I have stupidly voluntarily removed or deleted AVS V 2.82 which came with Winamp (latest version). Now, I regret it & would like to get it back. I've re-downloaded Winamp many times, the AVS never shows in the large window "Winamp Preferences" along with all the other visualizations (it's the window that appears when I click on a skin, click on "Visualizations", then click on "Select Plugin".)

    Is there any way to get a "new" AVS ? This took place months ago, so I assume the AVS isn't on my computer now, and if I remove winamp totally then download it from scratch, I'll have to download again all my other visualizations...

    I hope you can help. Thanks in advance.


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    Attached and compressed to be allowed to upload it here. The file in the 7z file goes to [..]\Winamp\Plugins\

    AVS is in the installer. Read all options before hitting next, you may have accidentally disabled it while installing.
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