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moving superscopes randomly

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  • moving superscopes randomly

    ive made a preset that is in the shape of an atom, it has 8 electrons orbiting around the edge of it and they only show up on the beat, but they are always in the same position, and even though i have added this in the per frame box: t=t+0.1+(rand(b))/0.5, they all move the same amount aroun their orbitals.

    any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Had you searched the forums? I've answered this to another person...

    Rand(b)? omg...

    Here's the template :

    Beat : tx1=rand(401)/1000-0.2;ty1=rand(401)/1000-0.2;
    Frame : tx=tx+tx1;ty=ty+ty1;
    Pixel : x=(code)+sin(tx);y=(code)+sin(ty);

    I think that's all...
    [soon to leave, sirs]


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      i see what you mean but tthats not what i wanted, that moves them randomly all over the place, i need them to continue orbiting in a circle, but at random speeds, and directions.
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        Try this simple method:

        beat: q=rand(120)
        frame: t=t-0.3*below(q,50)-0.5*above(q,40)*below(q,80)+0.7*above(q,70)

        In the example above you will get five different speeds. If q is greater than 70 then the direction will change.

        Hope it helps


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          thanks but i figured it out, i just modified a combination of the vibrating worm and vertiacl bouncing scope and now its direction and speed are compleatly random.

          but thanks anyway

          init n=800;t=0; tq=0.1;wt=1;q=0.5
          beat tq=(rand(100)/100)*wt; wt=-wt;q=-q
          frame t=t+q*0.9+tq*0.1;ym=cos(t)/1.9;xm=sin(t)/1.9
          point r=(t+i*3.14159*4000+v); x=xm+cos(r)/100; y=ym+sin(r)/100;


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            I could have told you to search the forums or check the FAQ but I figure it's not that hard to type a few words. If you don't want to help someone out just don't write anything, don't start getting all annoyed about it. Right?

            Go to AVS Discussion . Perhaps you'll find some useful info there.


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              dont know what are you talking about

              i dont know or maybe is this:

              Frame: t=t+dr;
              Beat: dr=rand(100)/1000-0.05;