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Save avs to CD

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  • luusaved
    Try this:

    Try copy the .avs file and paste it on the CD directory


    Try to burn your .avs file to CD

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  • UnConeD
    Do a search on the forums first, there's been countless people asking this question, and countless people answering it.

    Oh and post a new topic for something unrelated rather than messing up an existing one.

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  • OmegaX7
    I need help submitting my incredible avs files. I worked hard on the superscopes

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  • Montana38
    well first of all, the presets as they are called are avs files and is not stand alone files. to make a preset work then just load the file in the avs config window. and yes they will work when they are loaded aff a cd but you have to load every preset in the avs config window

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  • Hermit
    started a topic Save avs to CD

    Save avs to CD

    How do I save visualizations on a CD?? visuals work when send through yahoo messenger , but I can't get them to work when i put them on CD. want to save 'case of 'puter crash or need to nuke 'puter.
    attaching one visual to see if it works through here (let me know).

    Guess not, wouldn't let me send

    [email protected]