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  • 3D Camera Movement

    What do you need to do in order to make the camera turning 3D?
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    Check out UnConeD's work for some ideas, especially look at Neon Roller Coaster. I'm not positive which Whacko pack it was in, but he does a lot of work in that. You can change the camera inside some SSC like in Neon Rolelr Coaster. That's my best guess. I'm nowhere near good enough to do anything like that. Sorry I couldn't help more
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      I don't know the actual code to do it, but I know about how it is done. You first have the global coordinates and then the camera coordinates. Since these two coordinate planes arent in alignment, then you have to rotate the global coordinates the correct amount for the camera coordinates. The coords then need to be translated. This is a very difficult process, and doing it is extremely difficult. Like cmountford said, try looking at unconed's presets (or other people's which are probably less complicated) and try to take them apart. This isn't very easy to do(I've tried). Also, you can try to look at 3-D programming resources on the web (knowing some c++ or java helps) and figuring it out from there.

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        Can I just interject with a question here? It's sort of related to this (not entirely, but sort of ), and I didn't want to start a whole new thread just for this.
        Anyway, can one of you math/AVS geniuses (genii?) explain the basic principles of the "surface" dynamic movement? I've been toying around with one for a couple days now and I still have no idea what I'm doing...


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          There's a huge thread on the forums before you post.
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            I did... I couldn't find much, although I might have been using the wrong search terms or something. I'll try again, and I'm sorry for having stolen 30 seconds from your life.

            <edit> Okay, I searched using "surface dynamic movement", "dynamic movement", "DM", and not to mention looking at tons of the threads in this section, and I can't find what I'm looking for. Am I just an idiot, or looking wrong, or something? Maybe I'll figure it out on my own eventually... back to the grind, then.
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              try "raytracing" since that's what you're asking about
              "guilt is the cause of more disauders
              than history's most obscene marorders" --E. E. Cummings


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                Wow... I am just an idiot... Thanks for pointing that fact out, Atero.