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  • avs forums intro

    I wan't to make an avs forums intro that really kicks ass. I wan't to get the best presets submitted on the forums arranged in one preset so it works. First I need ideas and a new ape:

    AVI 2.ape

    I know there is a picture 2, so why not an avi 2. Thats why I put it in the whishlist section SO DONT MOVE IT!
    Please read:
    Caution! Only read this thread if you have the symptims of winampolaria.
    - Do not read on an empty stomach.
    - Do not read with any alchoholic substances.
    - side affects include vomiting, cursing, and torching your computer and watch it melt in a firery death.

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    wtf? avs forums intro?
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      and would be the requirements for avi2?
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        maybe like picture II- all the rendering modes and the option to change it on beat.
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          And optimizations of course - Yes, it might bring a new waves of newbies, but think positive and see what the pros might give...

          As for the presets :

          I suggest not the best, but next to best... We don't want to give away the best AVS is capable of right off the bat. (Erm, lemme reword that - Not the best, but shows how good it can get - and then some)
          I suggest varied specialties, too...
          Oh, and does posting a link over to the forums count?
          How many presets are you aiming for?
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            Usually if people want an APE, they tell you what they want it to do that the original can't...


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              Bilinear filtering r0x.

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              Probably both...


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                and fix aspect aspect ratio problem for avi's


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                  Maybe you should try Pixelplayer. It has not everything you mentioned, but a helluvalot of options tough.

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