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    Originally posted by Warrior of the Light
    So can AVS if you took the effort of reading the post above yours.

    You know, most of us will see this as spam which is a valid reason here for banning. Also, it's a lame kind of spam since there isn't even a download section on your site.

    My opinion as based on the screenshots:
    The colors miss intensity (a lot)
    Most colorschemes are just.. wrong.

    I could of course give a more detailed review if I were able to download it.
    1. Spam. Well if you say so. Please accept my apologies
    2. I actually appreciate your feedback. This color schemes are not made by professional and there was simply no time for me to get deeper into this subject as I was busy with everything else. Little bit later I am going to dedicate much more attention to this particular area. Still people that saw the thing live seem to like it and IMHO even these unprofessional colors are for the most part better then chemical color mix you see in most presets on AVS/Milkdrop (take away few that are done by qualified people)
    3. Download. It'll be there in a week or so. If you wish to look at it now then email me to kostya@exsotron(_remove_it_)com and we can arrange something now. Put visualizer as a subject


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      What you guys are looking for here can actually be done very easily with a Nvidia-based card.

      Get into AVS options, under Overlay mode, select "overlay mode", and then "set desktop to color". Then hit the default-color button (if you need to), now your background is your AVS. In Nvidia, select your second monitor (or TV) to be an extension of your desktop. Looks really cool, great for parties ect. Used this solution on my last 3 Nvidia cards, the most recent being a GeForce 5700.

      I'm not sure if this solution is posted somewhere else or not. I'm just searching for a way to make this work with my new ATI card, and thought I'd ad my solution for my old Nvidia card.


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        You need to make sure the overlay is set to output to the correct monitor too.
        -- Jheriko

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          (I used this for Milkdrop, it may apply for AVS as well but I am not sure)
          I HAVE THE ANSWER! Well at least it works for me. Here is what I did:

          Options>Visualization>Configure Plug In (To enter this screen you cannot have the Visualization tab open)

          Common Settings Tab>
          The changes you will make are in the Fullscreen Settings portion
          Display Adapter> In the drop down menu select 2. Then check Use Fake fullscreen mode

          Click the DualHead button (bottom right)
          On this screen there are two drop down menus. BOTH should be "span both screens"

          This worked for me and my setup. I hope this helps =)


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            Wow, talk about reviving a dead thread... lol @ 10 YEARS.

            Damn... I feel really old now