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  • View Fullscreen AVS on separate Monitor

    In the AVS window under 'Settings' should be a Geiss/MilkDrop/Smoke type of selection for Fullscreen. You should be able to select different display adapters and change the screen resolution (in order to view AVS on a separate video card). It would be great for parties if you had dual-monitors or a monitor and projector layout or or even S-Video out. (i.e. It would be sweet to have two (or more) monitors and have one show ONLY Winamp and edit the playlists, etcetera on one monitor and have AVS playing fullscreen all the time on a separate screen.)

    I am currently limited to MilkDrop to perform this and I would like to broaden the horizon and be able to use the versitility of AVS.

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    I'm sure there is a way to do this already. Make sure you <b>search</b> first. But AVS is dead - it's no lomger being updated and probably never will, unless someone at nullsoft (which is also said to be dead) releases the source code. So if there's not already a way to do it, there most likely never will be. Sorry.
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      I agree with teknikool, this would be a very useful feature. The fact that at least once a fortnight someone makes a new thread about how to use AVS with >1 monitor highlights how poor AVS is at dealing with it.

      And nudge, there's no need to shoot down everyone who makes a request by saying AVS is dead (woe is us etc...) after all this is the whole point of this sub-forum.



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        you can run avs on overlay mode on desktop; Make the "application bar" automatic hide(i don't know the name in eglish because i run windows in italian and it's the bar in the bottom of the screen where you find start and the programs you have opened); then put all the icons in the second screen and winamp end avs editor too and then swich the screens, make the normal sceen like second screen and the second screen like normal screen (see the propieties of your video card). Now you have avs full screen in overlay mode in your projector or tv and in the first screen you have avs editor.


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          its all fun and good to do it that way, but almost every program requires to have some sort of interaction on the primary display, its a cheap work around. it does work in many ways but stuffs up alot of other things.. but it does work and yeh whatever. its a pity tho.. i would of really liked it to work properly.

          releasing the source code would be a great idea! i would love to see how many variations could be made from it. all sorts of different branches.


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            I suggest you search the forums, as I implied this topic has come up at least a gazillion times.



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              Fullscreen AVS

              I am surprised at the amount of technical questions about running this in fullscreen mode. I had a lot of trouble getting it to work at first but i think I have simplified the process. Here's my setup, which works quite well. I use this as a backdrop for my band.

              I attach a projector via the monitor cable to my laptop. (You could use a separate monitor of course instead of the projector).

              I setup my laptop to Extend My Desktop onto the second monitor. Set the resolution according to what your video card can support.

              Configure Winamp to suppress the text in fullscreen and window modes.

              Start Winamp and drag the player over to the second monitor and maximize it.

              This sounds basic but it seems to be generating a lot of back and forth dialogue.

              If the Winamp window is EMPTY on the second monitor, but OK on the primary, it may be the frequency or display settings between your adapter and the monitor\projector. Make sure they match.


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                Re: Fullscreen AVS

                Originally posted by mookyrooky
                Start Winamp and drag the player over to the second monitor and maximize it.
                the player...?



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                  There are plugi-ins that allow multi-monitor selection... (See the CDG Plug-in) Why not in AVS? Heck, adding it to the Base Winamp would be nice. Select another monitor for your movies... For your play lists... For your AVS!!!


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                    That should work, thats not updating avs, just winamp, which happens every 6 months or so, and since 5.07 was recently released, i can assume we'll be waiting a while
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                      actually 5.08 is also out


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                        Multi monitor AVS

                        It's mid-2006 and we have Winamp 5.24 and we still don't have any solution. More and more people are getting 2 or more monitors. 4 monitors are getting to be the norm with gamers and their SLI video cards and such. We need a good solution to help solve this. We need to be able to define a monitor to fullscreen visualization instead of just primary. In some cases the fullscreen AVS spills over into the secondary monitor. Winamp is not keeping up with the technology? I can't believe that I even uttered that. I have a hard time believing that. What happened?

                        Is somebody going to fix this?


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                          Nullsoft doesn't work on AVS anymore as you have read above.
                          Instead, they've made AVS open source software, so you're welcome to go ahead and make it so if you like.

                          As for now, you are able to use AVS fullscreen on four moninitors.
                          In short:

                          Primary: overlay mode (drag items to secondary)
                          Secondary: drag over the AVS window with a resolution that's a bit bigger than the secondary monitor's resolution.
                          third, fourth: clone
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                            This one does

                            This visualizer from EXSOTRON can run fullscreen on any monitor at any resolution. Some screenshots are here


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                              So can AVS if you took the effort of reading the post above yours.

                              You know, most of us will see this as spam which is a valid reason here for banning. Also, it's a lame kind of spam since there isn't even a download section on your site.

                              My opinion as based on the screenshots:
                              The colors miss intensity (a lot)
                              Most colorschemes are just.. wrong.

                              I could of course give a more detailed review if I were able to download it.
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