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Capturing the visualization and the song

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  • QOAL
    The last item on this page should help you out.

    AVS was a music visualizer that shipped with Winamp, popular in the early 2000s. I made lots of visuals for it.

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  • djfyb
    started a topic Capturing the visualization and the song

    Capturing the visualization and the song

    I wonder if it is possible to capture the effect of the visualization while the song is playing to create a video. I composed some songs and I recently tried them with visualization through Winamp and found the result very amazing to create a video just like that!!! But went I went to the options, of course, there was no options for that idea. I guess we are talking about two technics to operate simultaneously; one for the effect (which is the current situation) and one to capture the screen.

    If it is not already exist, will be kool to be!


    P.S.: Let's say that a video can be made with the permission and collaboration of the creator of the AVS.

    DJ FYB