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  • Radar Screen?


    I'm crazy about radars and would love to have an avs preset like a radar screen.
    I see that there is a very good effect called timescope to help with this, and maybe it even could be useful for some crazy diy guy I've always loved radars and their screens so why not having one in Winamp =)

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    ok try this one:

    - new preset
    - check "clear every frame"
    - + > render > timescope.
    - + > virtual effect > addborder
    - and + > trans > movement with custom code like this:
    x = r/$PI-.51;
    y = d*2-1;

    or something to that effect.
    play with the constants a little, especially in the 'x'-line.

    have fun, try it for yourself! you're from finland. i guess people from your country have a gift in visuals or sth, there are so many great AVSers and demomakers from over there

    btw: the wishlist is actually not the place to request presets but new features for the program that is AVS [which is obsolete now anyway, since official development is discontinued since some months now. - actually it's been years since the last important changes were made ]

    "stop talking, gc!"
    ok, alright...

    se ya


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      sadly what GC says is true. the only times avs is updated is when NSEE is updated. just so it can be used with the expression runtime but thats about as far avs will ever go.
      as for the radar thing i thin Tuggummi made a preset very similar to what you want.
      As far as idiots go i'm not sure.
      But as far as genius goes again i'm not sure. Now when it comes to imagination now thats another story.