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  • AVS improvements

    AVS switches back to regular size from full screen very poorly under vista and is generally much less stable than it used to be... I'd really like to see it revamped.

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    please don't cross-post the same thing in multiple forums. as for stability, revert to the 2.81d version of AVS as that is known to be stable (since there's a mass off compiler related issues with the 2.82 version currently shipping).

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      I only posted this once, I believe an admin moved this post here (I got a notification about it IIRC). In either case, my apologies and thanks for the advice.


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        my mistake, i'd seen the thread in the wishlist forum and then saw it in here and hadn't seen it had been moved, oops.

        hopefully 2.81d will work better for you.

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          get the 2.81d vis_avs.dll file here (overwrite the existing):
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            This is slightly more stable, but I'm still seeing the same problem with reverting from fullscreen to windowed mode. Basically the plugin view doesn't rescale to the size of the window, but instead the window is more of a viewport to the fullsize view of the plugin behind the window. Let me know if you guys would like a screenshot.