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To save maths as presets

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  • To save maths as presets

    There are so many differant presets with differant actions coding, in 4 differant boxes most of the time. It'd save much time for untalented programmers like me and many others to be able to save the maths presets to files and reload them in their respective modules. Say i'd make a dynamic movement that i'd like to reuse elsewere, i save it, reload it and i'm done. Copy-paste as it is actualy is quite demotivating!!!
    I'm soon gona read and learn the AVS Programming Guide Version 1.1 from Tom Young (A.K.A. PAK-9) so I'll be better geared against the white page curse, but it'd be very useful for the creativity process to be able to download maths from the best avs prgrammers all around the globe and to load them on the test-flow easily inside AVS...


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    Well best thing you can do is it to save whatever code you like as a preset.

    So say you have the 3d transformations in a texer II, just have it as the sole contents of the preset, then save it to some folder (you could make a folder just for code snippits)

    When you want the code again it's just a + -> Presets -> ??? away.


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      I have a \templates\ dir for those purposes
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        Qoal: genious answer
        You mean, i make a preset containing only one particular coded element, save it in a folder, then i add a file from a preset... Then delete the subgroup and keep only the element
        Thank's :P