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Looking for a visualization like this for winamp

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  • Looking for a visualization like this for winamp

    I really like this visualization and was wondering if there was anything like it for Winamp.

    After going to the URL, go to the album cover art and in the lower right hand corner you can change the view mode. Change it to 'flowers' and then press play. If you thiink it is not working, give it about 20 seconds into the track to really see the effects. The plugin does other visuals, but I am mainly interested in finding the flower visual for Winamp.

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    It immediately reminds me of a preset called Ivy from this AVS pack ("Scenery" by NemoOrange)

    Not exactly the same but it's the closest thing that comes to mind.

    I've also added a single preset that's based on that preset - Bouquet
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      I'll look into it.