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  • Maddbuzz JPeG visualization library

    Maddbuzz JPeG visualization library is something I kept an XP PC around for and frankly was the best visualizer i ever used in my life. If you are not familiar, it is a Visualizer that uses Jpegs in a variety of ways to go along with the music, but in an almost screensaver way. it was and is perfect.....outside the fact it only worked on Windows XP.

    I have a copy of it,.....because I WANT THIS VISUALIZER BACK, i would die if i could have this on a modern PC...ESPECIALLY given the RTX2080 Super I just ordered for my new machine. I would ADORE having that visualizer in modern 4K

    If someone can make this happen, I would be beyond ecstatic. I kept the file for just this reason, and i'm the idiot who just found out Winamp is back a few years after the fact.
    I attached the EXE i originally got from the old Winamp links.....PLEASE UPDATE THIS VISUALIZER!!!!

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    File is not attached, but the exe (maddbuzz_JPeG_visualization_library.exe) is still downloadable from the Internet. But seriously, chances that anybody would do a port to windows 10 are remote. And how ? That would require the source code in the first place.

    IMHO the only chance to get this running on a modern machine is in a virtual XP engine. Possibly. I don't know if any current winamp version would still accept it as a valid plugin (the installer itself appears to be broken), neither if it then would work, neither how it will perform.


    • #3 what are the chances that someone could make this from scratch? Dude, I would pool money for this if i could, and if it got it somewhere. The installer is simple, it just does not recognize the language. you just hit enter twice given winamp is in a normal place, and it installs


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        I'm not a coder, and As close as i ever get to this are shader settings in post process mods (meaning not REMOTELY close) , but i WOULD happily try to get this funded. However, i would not really know who to pay that i could trust. But i am more than willing to fund a person or get them funding.


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          I apologize for the exe not attaching, i probably should have zipped it . but you found it so that worked out the same way i guess


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            I apologize for the exe not attaching
            I believe new members cannot post attachments in their first post anyway.

            you just hit enter twice given winamp is in a normal place, and it installs
            Yes I tried that but winamp does not even show it for selection in the vis selection list.

            It may be possible to emulate this visualisation with milkdrop or at least do something similar but i cannot tell, I have never seen madbuzz in action, nor found a video on youtube.

            I am not familiar with making plugins for winamp, and consider it rather unlikely that you'd find a programmer around here. The owners of winamp keep changing, there has been no development for ages, and who would want to get into writing code for a dead player. Maybe DrO can help, you may want to check his WACUP project


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              I used it for years, it's built on DX 7, but yea, ONLY works with Windows XP. I was literally keeping around an overpowered XP computer JUST for music because this thing was so amazing to have on screen to go with it (usually connected to a big screen).

              It's not dead to me, I preach Winamp like an evangelical. and i cannot use anything else because they usually lack things like crossfade and FUN and customizable UI, Hell i still find recent games that have the plugins to account for it running in the background

              This is a mission og mine to replicate this somehow, even if not directly being part of Winamp, but something ANY audio can be synced with . Anywho, i'll check back from time to time. I'll check out that link, and thanks for your time Anyway!


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                You make me curious. Couldn't you take a short video and post it somewhere so I can see what this is all about ?


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                  Hey, I got it running under windows 10. No problem, just install an older winamp version, I used 2.95 of 2003, install maddbuzz, configure the image list and job done.