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    Whah WHoooooo!

    Thank You Nullsoft!

    Now to try and figure out how to fix it!


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      I wonder if projectM had anything to do with their decision to release the source.

      If projectM had nothing to do with this, then it's too bad they didn't do this 2 years ago so I wouldn't have had to reverse-engineer everything that is Milkdrop to get projectM working on Linux/Mac OS X/Win32.

      Well, at least this means that projectM will now render the waveforms properly, so I can enjoy Milkdrop on linux the way it was intended.

      Thank you Nullsoft.


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        projectm & mac os x

        Does this mean that the radeon problem can now be solved for the itunes/mac version of projectm? Still haven't been able to get it to run on my radeon/g5.


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          Hehe, no this doesn't help you. Milkdrop is Win32 only, because it's in directX. projectM is in OpenGL, which is why you can use it.

          Unfortuneately the milkdrop source doesn't help us with solve your problem. Alligator said he'de be working on Mac/ATI compatability now that he has a Mac w/an ATI card ( or at least I thin khe does), so send him an email.



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            THANK YOU!

            Finally we can enjoy the world's best visual-plugin, also on our XBOX

            And hopefully the multi-monitor bug will be fixed for the winamp-version.

            Thank you!


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              has anyone began the work to make this the best screensaver ever?

              i would be willing to help if need be.
              [email protected]


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                You would have to run music though it. Most of these presets need bass mid and treb values running though them. There are some that do not, but not all that many. I guess you could always just loop one track, or just loop a kick sample, making beat detections work pretty well.


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                  The above post links to a video file that will try to install a codec containing a trojan. Do not click it


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                    Removed it. Cheers Eos
                    "Rules are for the guidance of wisemen and the obedience of fools"

                    Visuals - Morphyre


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                      Any chance to get the version 1.03 source code? Sourceforge CVS seems to be down right now.


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                        Spammers should die long, tragic, excruciating, painful deaths. Then again it would make me just as happy to quickly toss them into a pool of volcanic lava.
                        Don't forget to live before you die.


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                          Ahh, spam was removed. Thanks and ignore my above post.
                          Don't forget to live before you die.


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                            can somebody send me the source code of Milkdrop? or a working link...
                            i had google for it, but there is no working link for it....

                            thanks a lot!


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                              Milkdrop Source Code/Open Source

                              From what I have read on the web Milkdrop was made Open Source by the author quite some time ago. On his web site it says in 2007 he updated the software to version 2.

                              I have searched all over the place for the source code, and all the links I can find (including on Geiss' web site, and right here on the Winamp forums) lead me to a dead end.

                              So my question is "where can I get my hands on the source code for version 2 of Milkdrop"?