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  • OMG! Amazing!! (in)

    I've seen so many graphical plug-ins since the original Geiss plug-in, and I've never found ANYTHING that matches this quality... I remember the first 100 times I've seen it, I was mesmerized by it every time. And every time I installed Winamp somewhere, the Geiss plugin came with it. I've even got all my friends hooked on it.
    Well, I didn't think any other program could do that, until MilkDrop.

    Congratulations, Ryan, you've done it again! This has got to be the BEST plug-in for WinAmp EVER! Consider me one of your biggest fans :-)

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    Yah =]

    I've been waiting months and months for a new version of Geiss, tried all other full screen winamp eye-candy but they could never compete with Geiss. Until this guy on irc pointed me to milkdrop... WOW! amazing! LOVE IT! I'll have to throw a mushroom party soon while hooking up milkdrop to the beamer =]

    Ill throw away all my other plugins now, (well not the valentine dancer =]) oh and uh i *LOVE* the multi display option, it rox on my mga400 DH. Thanks Ryan!

    sjaDOH! - Another big Ryan fan
    maybe we should start a fanclub