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Open Letter to Ryan Geiss

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  • Open Letter to Ryan Geiss

    Mr. Geiss,

    Congratulations on your new job at NullSoft. I'm not sure how old this news is, but I think this is just the best thing that could have happened. Both you and NullSoft have created such amazing programs that I can't wait to experience what you'll create together.

    I have been playing with WinAmp since its beta days. I actually registered it when it was shareware because I admired the authors so. I don't remember when I first activated Geiss (I believe it was after Cthugha, but I could be wrong. Years of staring dumbfounded at psychedelic patterns have fried my brain.) but it was quite a while ago. And I have been a huge fan of yours ever since. I never looked back at Cthugha, although I still play around with Albedo on my desktop every once in a while just for variety. And of course Drempels is trippy and soothing.

    But when I checked back at "the werks" today, I discovered MilkDrop. And I giggled like a little girl every time I discovered something else it could do. Until, as I kept discovering more and more, I started doubting reality. "I can't believe it does this!" And, "HOW does he DO this!" Like the preset editing menu. Oh. My. God. With on-screen tips and help, no less. The sheer number of ways to customize this thing is staggering to consider. And THEN I discovered the help file on preset authoring!! Stop it! It's too much! Too much! Too much. Why do I feel like crying? I'm so happy! Maybe it's the thought of all the future years of my life that I will waste, just staring at my monitor grinning like an idiot.

    It may have already started, but if it hasn't, let me be the first to utter the phrase that we'll all be muttering to our friends, families, co-workers and complete strangers on the street...

    (with a weird, pulsating twinkle in our eyes)

    "Got MilkDrop?"


    P.S. I'm a CS grad from Georgia Tech. In one of my few graphics classes we built a simple renderer that could do only your basic shading methods and texture maps on simple geometric shapes. We also built an iterated function systems generator. So I know just enough to really appreciate and admire the work you do. Simply amazing.