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  • Multiple Monitor Workaround

    I've been using Winamp for a while and love milkdrop - just not how it doesn't seem to be able to fill both screens when in desktop / fullscreen mode regardless of what I do in the settings. So, I got tired of waiting for a fix ( and given there are threads in the support forum about this from years ago without any real resolution, I am probably not alone ) and made a workaround for myself. It, in essence, will detect the bounds of all your connected screens and will resize milkdrop to fit that space.

    So, if you have the same issue as I do, this might be a temporary fix until the issue is, hopefully, eventually fixed.

    This will support any version of milkdrop that labels itself "MilkDrop 2" when windowed, and you must have milkdrop in windowed mode - these are limitations of the method I used to resize the window.

    The program currently assumes that the primary screen is either the tallest resolution, or all other monitors connected are the same height. If this is an issue for anyone, I'll change that.

    Requires .Net 3.5 to use.

    Download: Link
    Source: Link

    Just click the milk carton to resize, and then you can close the program, it doesn't need to keep running. To restore the milkdrop window, I personally just toggle the desktop mode to return to windowed mode.

    If anyone has trouble, I'll do what I can to try and fix it for them.


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    i know how to use milkdrop2 to go fullscreen on the secondary monitor, if any one doesnt know


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      Fullscreen on secondary monitor?
      I wanna know it !!!

      (Gleiss can do so - but it hasn't another wanted feature when not in fullscreen: integrate with Winamp)


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        Thanks for making this! It worked great in foobar with Shpeck (Winamp visualization plugin). Probably because MilkDrop reverts to windowed mode by default. I just wish it would span my third monitor, but that's run off a second, non-identical Nvidia card. It seems possible because dragging the window across both of those screens doesn't interrupt the visualizer. Maybe there's a way for Milkfix to force this?

        In the latest Winamp, I can't find windowed mode. Is there a shortcut or is "windowed" considered where in the Bento skin it's running under the Visualization tab? I can't get this to work.


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          Open the MilkDrop configuration and under the first tab 'Common Settings' and untick 'Integrate with Winamp skin' in the 'Windowed Settings' area towards the bottom. That gets you proper windowed mode.


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            I use to set my 2 monitors to a shared desktop and then sent MD into desktop mode. Then it would use both screens. However being my screens are 1080p it hits the videocard so hard I cant really leave it like that cause some presets can choke my gpu.

            As to getting MD to run in secondary monitor its right there in MD's config you just select the second monitor for fullscreen mode and voila.


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              I really hate to bump this thread, but I can't seem to figure out how to edit the post. Last summer, dropbox removed my ability to have public links.

              So here is the new download link which contains both the source and the compiled executable.


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                Originally Posted by Kogitsune View Post
                I really hate to bump this thread...
                But if you hadn't, I would never had known it existed!

                Thanks for sharing this, and re-uploading it.
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                  didn't work for me


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                    I was reading this trying to get my multiple monitor display to show the viz. on only one monitor and not both and the monitor I wanted instead of the main monitor. REALLY EASY ONCE YOU LOOK.

                    Options-> Viz. -> Configure. From there, just do what you want.


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                      I HAVE THE ANSWER! Well at least it works for me. Here is what I did:

                      Options>Visualization>Configure Plug In (To enter this screen you cannot have the Visualization tab open)

                      Common Settings Tab>
                      The changes you will make are in the Fullscreen Settings portion
                      Display Adapter> In the drop down menu select 2. Then check Use Fake fullscreen mode

                      Click the DualHead button (bottom right)
                      On this screen there are two drop down menus. BOTH should be "span both screens"

                      This worked for me and my setup. I hope this helps =)


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                        For people who have three monitors, Winamp natively supports Milkdrop Full Screen mode on whichever ONE of the three monitors they want.


                        can it be made to go Full Screen on TWO out of three monitors? So on main one you keep working - while the other two BOTH display Full Screen Milkdrop?


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                          Originally Posted by c627627 View Post
                          can it be made to go Full Screen on TWO out of three monitors? So on main one you keep working - while the other two BOTH display Full Screen Milkdrop?
                          I believe you can with some form of plugin stacker, essentially running two milkdrops at once, but I have never done that so cant say for sure.
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                            I am willing to test and post clear write-up instructions but can you start me off, what is "some form of plugin stacker" - where do I get it - what do I generally need to do, to test this?