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  • toreroerba
    nobody solve this issue ? very important change automatic presets in time of the song

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  • dickchuck
    Old post, but...

    You could check my other posts to get a recompiled version of MD. All original features in tact - plus the ability to read a song-specific cue file to trigger texts, sprites, presets, etc...

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  • MysticMDT
    I'm looking for a way to do this aswell. I have trouble with sequential order option with some presets. He goes down the list but then some presets are not shown.... I try rename them to numbers 1,2 and 3 but still no succes. Now I choose the presets I like and do it manually. Then make few videos of the same track and use the best, quite time consuming but the results are better. Also luck involved for me sometime... Here are 2 videos where I got the timing spot on.

    Download MP3: a visual 1080p video for this orchestral symphonic spiritual track of Cesc Vilà.Notes:You may see...

    Download MP3: a visual 1080p video for this orchestral symphonic spiritual track of Cesc Vilà. Lyrics:Your enti...

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  • Sabine Klare
    Hello everyone,
    what a pity, that it is not possible to come onto this website anymore. I wish, this site would be brought back...
    I have looked into my YouTube-Playlist "Winamp & Milkdrop", and I want to give You 2 links:
    Videos, which are created with the Winamp Media-Player and its Visualization-Plugin Milkdrop and where a screen-recorder-software is used.

    I had favourited one of his uploads, because it reminds me to the German TV-Serial "Space Night Earth Views" of "Bayern 3" and because I love Milkdrop 2 so much (especially in Full HD)...
    I wish all the best for LightMaestro and AidenRigel...
    Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine

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  • Nitorami
    All settings regarding presets transitions are under visualisations/configure plug-in/transitions

    Other than that, it should be possible to send messages to milkdrop using some sort of script but I don't know how. I remember AidenRigel's milkdrop interface which certainly had this option, but he and his site seem to have disappeared from the planet.

    The third option of course is to control preset changes manually

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  • stopasking
    started a topic time presets to song

    time presets to song

    yep is a newbie question but I did do a quick search in the forums and found nothing.
    My question is, is it possible to somehow program visualization presets to go during specific times, to the rhythm of a song for example?

    A quick answer would do. Thanx