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i'm done with LightMaestro.

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  • i'm done with LightMaestro.

    i'm not lying, you just interpreted the title wrong. LightMaestro is not done.

    i never thought i'd be so genuinely grateful, and i am, that i didn't get the support i needed. now i'm not financially obligated to finishing this.

    which is perfect, cause i'm no longer emotionally attached to it at all. i can't even force myself to work on it anymore. haven't touched it in a long time. hell i could've posted this a year ago if i felt like it. i thought eventually i'd get my motivation back, but no such luck.

    so, on the down side, i'm done. for good. don't ask me to help, and don't even ask to pay me for it, just take it and leave me alone.

    on the plus side this means i'm giving away the entire source code.

    app: (c:\LightMaestro\)

    source: (c:\LM\ or whatever)

    there's more than enough people out there who would love to work on this, and it's better i just get out of the way. fortunately ive been preparing for such an event for a very long time, and the whole system is designed for a team.

    anyway, if this post sounds bitter, it's because it is, and i am. but not because i didn't get some silly money. and not just cause im all wined up, although that is a factor. i just buried my 5th hard drive corpse. the last one i will ever purchase. i'll be damned if i ever write another line of code.

    instead i've found something far more enjoyable, and far superior, because it hardly involves computers at all. it involves creating real actual *things*. physical objects which can't be endlessly duplicated for free. such a novel concept.

    thanks again for not trapping me is this dead-end job.

    so long, and good luck.

    10 PRINT "Goodbye, World!"
    20 GOTO 10

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    This stuff is incredible.!

    This is a goldmine, i hope you come back when you are ready.


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      its funny, i assumed with all my negativity that this single response must have been negative as well. i didn't even bother to read it until a week later.

      turns out its both a tremendous compliment, and it hilariously neglects the point i thought i had proven.

      i understand completely though. denial is the first stage of a breakup.

      "i hope you come back when you are ready."

      this *is* me "coming back".

      and the only thing i'm "ready" for, is to leave.

      translation: you'd best start looking for a new developer.

      the sooner the better, unless you care as little as i do.

      lemme know when AOL/Winamp wants to send me a million dollars.

      so i can tell em to fuck off.

      i won't even talk for less than five.



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        I have come back when you are ready. Its funny.


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          put it up on sourceforge, maybe someone picks it up....
          it is just too good, and you've put to much work in it to just let it die....
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              I'm sorry you didn't get the support you needed.

              But I'm also sorry that your endeavors are so intrinsically bound to the opinions of others. This was, I suspect, initially a very beautiful and worthwhile project in your eyes (it certainly is in mine), but unfortunately the realization of this beauty alone wasn't enough.

              Anyway, thanks for the app!

              I hope you *and*/or others will continue to work on it.


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                First you don't bother to support me. Then you don't bother to contact me or encourage me, nor did anyone even try to promote the project in any way. Then you just assume that a project this big could simply die and disappear.

                Then i come back and give it away, and you're foolish enough to assume that i will just continue working for free on a project whose biggest fans don't give two shits about, let alone give me the measly five dollars i was asking. Meanwhile, hundreds of stupid projects get TEN TIMES the funding i even needed.

                And then to top it off, you have the AUDACITY to accuse me of caring too much about what people think. Welcome to the world of BEING HUMAN. 99% of every single thing that every single human has ever done in their ENTIRE LIVES completely REVOLVES around what other people think. Thanks for the newsflash, brainless. The fact that i cared too much is why it even exists. So thanks again, for insulting the very passion that built this thing.

                But if you haven't noticed, i couldn't possibly care less if every last one of you hate me for the rest of your LIVES. I despise this entire community with 10 times the passion i put into this waste of time project. I put my ENTIRE LIFE'S FUTURE into making this happen, and it DIDN'T. And that's YOUR FAULT.

                If you fools couldn't be bothered to pay five dollars to support me, "you will PAY", for NOT supporting me. But to me, revenge is a dish best served effortlessly. By that i mean i will put no effort whatsoever into this project so long as i live. You can take that to the BANK, you cheapskate tightwad MORONS.

                Cause i don't know if you've noticed, but, i'm sort of a creative mastermind? Even before i gave up on this Titanic of a project i already had a backup plan. Then i made another, and had every reason to end this thing.

                Now i've got even better projects, including one that will make me far more legendary than this Hindenburg ever could. In other words, i don't want you, i don't need you, and quite frankly, i hate you.

                Maybe ten years from now, when you dimwits finally get LightMaestro off the ground, i'll finally reveal to the world who i am.

                Until then: adios, ciao, sayonara, auf wiedersehen.

                Good bye, and good riddance.