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    Hı friends,
    I have a problem. My problem is about saving presets.. I changed my laptop 2 weeks ago and now cpu and graphics card are intel. (I was using amd systems previously.) When I make a mash-up, I can not save. It gives error. I dealt with setting but I could not fix. Please help me.

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    Right click the Winamp icon and choose Run As Adminisitrator.


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      you could also relocate your preset path to somewhere where you have writing privileges, not under "C:\Program Files (x86)"
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        How can I relocate my preset path? I have changed some settings in Windows, because I wanted to see also the hidden folders, but I have found the presets nowhere else than in my backup locations and in my Winamp folder.

        I never tried that before, the "Right click the Winamp icon and choose Run As Adminisitrator". Will I get problems later after doing that the first time?

        Okay, now You know, I myself want to edit a few presets, because I want to use different subsets of random textures. I have already created the next subsets, recently I did also newer photoworks.

        I don't want to give up on my ideas for the subsets "tiled", "tiledartist", "tiledspaceart", "moss", "mosscity", "mossleaves" etc...
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          Now I am here again.

          To avoid misunderstandings, with "artist" I mean the artistname, the creator of the original images and basics. I made many photo edits with IrfanView, and the artist always should get full credits directly in the filenames, mostly edits of photos with nature & landscapes and without humans. I did that for many image-files exept of my "logo"-files in 1280x640 pixel, made with Paint.NET and edited with IrfanView (all final versions have a black background).

          On Windows Vista & Windows 7 I have also other problems: I cannot rename a preset, also I cannot change a rating permanently. Recently I found a preset with the rating 0, because I had changed from the random order to the sequential order. The save issue is not the only one problem with Vista & Win 7. And we have no computer with Windows XP anymore, since also the second one has died. At least I can close Winamp and go to the preset folder to rename a preset (or texture) manually.

          I hope, I have explained everything now.

          I am still thinking about a new thread, just about textures, basics, random textures & desktop wallpapers. But I don't know, into which subforum it should come later...
          Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
          Music, Art, Lyrics, Videos
          AMBIENT... AMBIENT music forever...