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  • Missing Texture Files

    Perhaps it's the accountant hiding inside my brain, but I can't stand seeing RED print appear anywhere when I'm working.

    My collection of .milk files has been sourced from the four corner of the globe and the assembly of said collection has seen more than a large large handful of the presets loose their Texture files. Is there a method to figure out the name of a missing texture file?

    While I'm at it, I would like to find the long-version of the MILKDROP 2 programmer's documentation. There was a link that pointed to a UK website, but the link returns an error.

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    When I try to use the UK link, I get the following ==

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      If You make the right-click on a .milk-file and "Edit with Notepad++", then You can read the codes of the preset (of course read-only, You cannot edit it). But if You scroll down to "warp" and "comp", then sometimes You will see "sampler_imagename" or "texsize_imagename", and this means, that a texture with the exact filename is needed, JPG or PNG. Only if there is "sampler_rand00" or "texsize_rand00" instead, then a special image is not needed, and each image in the textures folder has the chance to appear in the preset.

      Because also I myself didn't get some of the necessary textures or the original images simply had looked too ugly for me, I have chosen some replacement textures. But mostly I use the original textures which I got.

      At least the URL for "MilkDrop plug-in for Winamp" works:

      although the both .html-files there are not longer than the both .html-files on my harddrives.

      Jonny Rimkus aka RAVERMEISTER has one of the ultra-archives. You can search for him, You also can PM him in the forums.

      At least I am still working on the additional random textures and desktop wallpapers, and I suggest to visit my latest 3 journals on deviantART:

      and of course You can check out also my gallery and my favourites.
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        The milkdrop2 "preset authoring guide" is installed with winamp. No need to search elsewhere. Unfortunately it does not include the NS-EEL language extension which was added to milkdrop later, but you will hardly need that for a start.