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Ask for Milkdrop use as video in Youtube

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  • Ask for Milkdrop use as video in Youtube

    Dear Milkdrop designers,

    I am a non-professional, 20 years-experienced, French musician, uploading my compositions on Bandcamp and a fresh youtube .

    Here :

    I have read several threads here dealing with the particular topic of intellectual property and licence that is granted with Milkdrop when downloading it. I am perfectly aware of the real need to ask for an autorisation if I want to use Milkdrop as a video source to illustrate my music.

    I have some ideas to work with, that comes as Milkdrop factory presets, modified by myself to fit my needs.

    I would like to ask their creators if they don't mind to let me use them once modified and used to generate those illustrations for my music, I itend, like many others, to upload to YT.

    Here are the presets I would love to use :

    Cope- The drain to Heaven
    Geiss- Liquid beats
    Martin - Foggy notions
    Martin - Purple pulsators
    Eos + Phat - Chaser 14 Sentinel 616
    Stahlregen+Fishbrain+Flexi+Geiss+Shifter - Stonecraft (Bettle relief mix)

    I precise I of course won't make any kind of income with those videos and won't upload them anywhere else than my personnal YT.

    It would be great to get an approval from the designers listed above, I understand that you have probably been asked this 1000 times but please take some minutes to confirm me I won't cause any intellectual property infrighment using these presets.

    You will be nice to also confirm that there would not be any major breach in the licence restrictions when publicly displaying the Milkdrop Output like this?...worring about that too, of course. Is it ok?

    Thank you so much for your helpful answer, and respect to the Winamp community.


    Ps If that is important, I live in Europe.

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    Hi Ben
    there's a lot of more interesting presets than the old stuff you listed, but anyway, feel free to use any of my work for whatever purpose you like.



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      It is very nice to see someone ask, but I doubt any of the authors would object, as the rendered visual is always unique depending on the audio, crossover blending, or any added text or textures, and so technically was not created by the preset author.
      They can easily protect the reuse of the code that makes the visual, as that is their creation.

      The author of Milkdrop itself (Ryan Geiss) could possibly have prohibited its use for public or commercial performance, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of it.
      Milkdrop has often been used for public performances over many years, and each time it helps to advertise , so I doubt very much that Radionomy would even complain if you dropped some hot Llama action in the mix.

      Credits is the main thing. Always credit wherever possible. That way people will seek out more, and that will make any preset author happy (unless you use their worst work ).
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        Hi Martin,

        Thank you very much for this. it's ok. As you propose it, I am going to search for more recent presets banks, but please let me tell you how much I value some of your initial presets, they re inspiring to me, with mods they re still able to smash one's eyes. I am going to take care of your approval.


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          @Dr Flay,

          Thank you for your answer.

          If that is the way Milkdrop reach its purpose, I can only warmly thank the whole designer community for such choices.

          I have received the Martin's message, better to use the best preset for a better ad, right?

          I won't forget to credit wherever possible. According to you, does crediting with the name of the original preset, the name of the creator, eventually the "modified preset" mention, and links to Milkdrop download, would be sufficient, reasonnable way to do it?

          If yes, you can count on me. If there's still something missing, please just let me know. Once again thanks. Ben


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            Sorry for those English mistakes : "Reaches" and "". Where is the spelling correction function?


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              Hi; videos have been uploaded to my youtube

              Benoit Berry is a French musician who started to create music during mid 90's. As one of the early electronic musicians who sparked the rise of House/Techno in his country, he is the producer of numerous innovative electronic music releases, and is sharing today his own artistic insight. This one extends over two decades of French touch sonic waves, in a complete but still evolutive set of albums and Eps. Archimeme records is the label created to host his musical projects : Black Venus, Pulse Radar and Ultreya. This channel will show up the videos relating to his discography. Please feel free to visit his host : This page is the place where you will be able to listen, download or stream his music. You might also want to check Benoit's first prods on 12" Vinyl back in 1998 : Link below : Juice Squeezer E.P. Please consider downloading as the only reasonnable way to get unlossy high quality sound files (Wav, Flac..). Thank you. .



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                Hey, I was also wondering if i can use some presets in some of my album art one, one of them is By you Martin, the other one is called Royal mashup (337) if i am correct
                You can check me out here


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                  Yes, you can use my presets.


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                    Thankyou very much, It really helps out alot man, you're the best Do you also happen to be the one behind this one, its called Royal mashup (337, If not do you happen to know who is


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                      Most of the code is taken from my presets, mashed up by LamersAss. See his complete collection here


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                        I cant seem to DM him, Do you think he would mind if i used it, or do you know how i can contact him?, i tried replying to the thread you gave me put it wont let me log in in that page, not sure whats going on, Thankyou very much foryour time